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Don't waste your money

October 22, 2009
I ride a 97 Katana 600 with a 520 sproket and chain kit, These tires don't hold traction at all. And don't even think about riding in the rain unless you like drifting.

Danny from Atlanta, Ga USA

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November 09, 2006
These came on my 93 katana 600. they feathered quickly, and the center wore out quickly. i got about 2500 out of them. they are not sporty at all
but they are tires and so long as you can keep to dry riding and mostly straight roads they will still wear out too soon. I am going to be spending the extra cash to get a set of pirelli diablo stradas.

chris from milwaukee wi

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Fine when dry...

August 26, 2005
I'm looking for more traction when wet for my replacement. The center section wears well, but perhaps too hard as my rear end keeps on tryn to come around when wet (78 Goldwing).

Suspence from Fort Worth TX

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