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Nice tire, but not long lasting

June 16, 2015
This tire is great fun to ride. It's nice and neutral, doesn't dance around on the road even with rain grooves, and is smooth and confidence inspiring. When ridden hard, the sides of the front tire go away within about 3,000 miles. The rear is better, it's still nice and round when it's time to replace the front, and still has a about 1,000 miles left to go. Metzeler Lasertechs are a better balance between traction and longevity, but the rear on the Metzeler tends to track rain grooves and just wiggle around more. We'll see if the Michelin Pilot Actives are better.

Laverda triple from Sonoma, CA

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Traction: 5 star rating Mileage: 2 star rating Overall: 4 star rating

They hop!

September 03, 2012
I pulled off my dunlop 404's, which rode like glass, and installed these spitfires which I bought from a online site. Cannot get them to ride smooth after 1200 miles. I rebalanced, put in liquid tire balancer and tried dyna beads. Maybe I got a bad run, but i'm pullin these off, and buying from a dealership with some kind of warrenty this time.

Sandford from Bc-canada

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Traction: 4 star rating Mileage: 4 star rating Overall: 1 star rating

Solid tire

February 21, 2012
I cut up my front venom and needed a tire to get me home. I put this on the front and have put well over 15,000 miles on it with no problems. It moves in the rain grooves and on those steel mat bridges more than the venoms but still much better than the original equipment bridgestones.

LarryInIowa from Iowa

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Overall: 4 star rating

Great Tire all around

September 11, 2010
I have a 1986 Honda Shadow 750. I bought these S11s and they carry 140 90 15 for my rear tire and 100 90 19 for my front. I had factory Dunlop Qualifiers on the bike and I would have to buy new ones every 6000Kms and I was getting tired of buying tires all the time. I would recommend these tires to anyone! Great tread pattern and handling!

Sean from Vancouver, B.C.

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Overall: 5 star rating

Best bang for the buck!

May 18, 2010
Good Handling tire.... nice mileage.. good resistance for slipping on paint strips or manholes... and rather sporty for a touring or vintage bike tire... I beat on my old maxim with these tires and they never let me down.

sure some may be 10-20 bucks less each... but trust me when I say there is little better than these tires for your classic 80's bike

Yeeeeeeeeeeaaahhhh!!! from Canuckland

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Overall: 5 star rating

9000 aggressive miles!

August 06, 2009
I have an '81 Naked Goldwing I sported up with Euro bars a 2 point street screen and S11s front and rear. I just did non-stop 2 day roundtrip Boise - Denver- Boise run logging 14 hrs each wayrunning 80 mph+ both ways and drive my bike in the mountain twisties and wear more boot rubber off my toes than these tires as I scrape the pegs every chance I get. Just replaced the back tire after 9000_ miles on it. It still had plenty of rubber, but was getting bald. The shop mgr at the local dealership I took it to said I would get better mileage out if Metzlers. I said, I will keep my bike sticking to the road with these so I can buy more tires later. He didn't have a comeback. Nothing but Spitfires for me. They stick!

Crazy old biker from Boise ID

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Overall: 5 star rating


January 21, 2009
I put the spitfires on my nighthawk 750 and currently have 5000 miles on them and you can hardly tell. Good in the dry, you can put them around a corner with decent feedback. Only little scare they will give you is in the wet, they have a tendency of being slippery in the rain.

Anonymous from Jacksonville, FL USA

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Overall: 4 star rating

Best tires i've ever had.... PERIOD!

November 18, 2008
I've been riding Harleys since 1978. Continentals were OK, factory Dunlops were great for mileage, getting over 12,000 on the rear and 17,000 on the front with no issues at all. These spitfire S11's giving me 10,000 on the rear and I still have 2/32's of the 6/32's it came with. The front still has 3/32's of the 5/32's it came with. If the mileage ends up not being what the Dunlops have delivered I will still buy the S11's as the handling and quiet, ride is at least twice as good as the factory Dunlops. It also helps that they cost half as much.

This is only the second tire I've purchased that didn't need weights when balancing, the other being a Metzeler 880 high milage that was trouble after 4,000 miles, no more 880's for me. The only issue I have is that they don't offer a 140 rear for the S-11, and a 150 would have me changing my belt guard or modifying or removing it. thanks to Tom for pointing out these tires to me, and Tom rides 50,000 miles a year, obviously many miles from home and far from any repair facilities.


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Overall: 5 star rating

Wow, new bike! Great grip with my old Maxim

July 16, 2008
Well, I picked up an 81 Maxim 550, I always liked these bikes, but it needed a little TLC. On my list near the top was new tires, it had some a few years old, they *looked* like they were in excellent shape, soft rubber, deep tread...the bike had few miles on it since new, so it didn't get ridden much. I believe they were Kenda Challengers, very cheap tires. :(
Well, most of my riding is around town, and the local dealer says he puts these S11's on any bike he owns that's not a full on sport bike, has for years. So, got them mounted and balanced, and took the bike for a spin. Wow, it's amazing the difference a set of new shoes makes!

Before, attempting to throw it around a 20mph or so street corner on concrete was a white knuckle experience, the bike was very squirrely, always felt like the road was very slippery, and if you hit sand or pea gravel, you better hold on tight! Now, the bike just grips, and I hit the footpegs twice, just normal riding! It makes it feel like the bike WANTS to corner now, versus avoid them. Also got rid of my headshake at 35mph, but that could have been a simple balancing problem. In any case, 2 thumbs up! They seem quieter, smoother, and obviously much more traction. I need to get the feel for the bike again, it handles that much better!

Justin T from Aberdeen, SD

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Overall: 5 star rating

Best bang for the buck by far

October 21, 2007
I flog my 95 Sportster relentlessly.
Mostly on mountain roads that I know well. Year round, if theres not too much snow or ice.
The stock Dunlop 401s wore like iron, but handling and braking were intolerable even in 'bluebird'conditions.
I then tried the 'sporty' Dunlop 5?? somethings.
Better. But not great.
On the advice of an old time local rider, I bought my first S11 Spitfires. I'm now on my 9th set of 'em.
They stick like glue to pretty much anything that isn't oiled, muddy, or frozen solid. When -forced- to slide, it's smooth, gradual and easy to control.
My -only- complaint is that they don't last as long as the rock hard Dunlops.
There may be better tires out there, but these are plenty good enough for me.
Ride safe.

steve from Sierra foothills, CA.. USA

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Overall: 5 star rating

Like she's on rails

June 09, 2007
I recently installed a set of F11 Spitfires on my 97 Road King. After two sets of stock Dunlops, I knew something better had to be out there. I think that I have found a great, inexpensive alternative. I just returned from a trip South, doing US 250 from Wheeling, WV to the Blue Ridge Parkway, and onto the Tail of the Dragon in Georgia. The dual compound did exactly as described, giving great cornering on these "technical" roads. They were quiet on the straights, and great in the rain. None of that annoying hum that comes with the stock Dunlop 404's. Rain grooving on the highway was not a problem and they were solid overall on the 2400 mile trip. At $65 a tire online, a bargain too. Want your cruiser scoot to ride smooth and quiet? Get a set of these.

Tony B. from Detroit, MI

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Overall: 4 star rating

Improved handeling

May 22, 2006
Just purchased a set of these(S11's) as replacement for my stock bridgestone Excederas(750 Vulcan).The bike handels a lot better now that it did with the stock tires.Cornering and manuvering improved to a point that I'm haveing to learn the bike agin,its to easy in the curves now and I find myself oversteering alot.I increased the air pressure in the tires a few pounds over whats in the owners manual,they seem to like it.I only have 500 miles on these tires,if they last awile there well worth the money.My 4 rating is because this is the only set of tires I actually went out and bought,I have another bike with dunlops and there not that great either cant wait for them to wear out.

Anonymous from Arkansas USA

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Overall: 4 star rating

Long wearing

August 12, 2005
I put 16K on a set of these. I ride a 1981 Silver Wing. They rode fine. Moderate weave on steel grate bridge/ road grating but, nothing bad. The only problem I had was that the front tire would loose air over time. It wasn't much and the back never had this problem. There were no punctures and soap/water mixture didn't show a problem with the tire bead. Overall a very good tire.

Richard Edwards from Springfield, IL USA

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Overall: 5 star rating

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