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Bridgestone Battleax

August 27, 2012
The tires for the most part provided ample cornering and at speed grip. The only concern I had as others - in the corners after about 2k miles there was a slight skip. The multi-compound concept is good in theory and the lasting ability is nice, but you still end up changing them at 7k miles to be safe. I am riding a GSXR600 and have been riding for over 40 years. If you are not an experienced rider this can be a scary feeling skipping like that. The bike is very tight in the corners after 4k miles. Adjusting the front bite helped some but still skipped in the rear.

Rich from Chandler AZ

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Traction: 3 star rating Mileage: 4 star rating Overall: 3 star rating

Not good at all

July 13, 2012
I tried twice the BT-45 on my KZ1300 from 1980 and in both cases it started to apear cracks everywhere!!. The first was replaced by the local dealer without arguing. The second I will not bother and I'm looking for a different brand.

Horacio from Buenos Aires ARGENTINA

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Traction: 3 star rating Mileage: 1 star rating Overall: 2 star rating

Bt45 wobble at 35-45

March 19, 2012
I put brand new bt45's on my concours 1000 and they wobble at 35-45. The front is wearing very unevenly, and after under 3000 miles it is worn out on the right side. I had two shops balance them a total of three times. I think it has a loose belt.

the dunlops rode smooth as silk, but wore rapidly. I will not be buying bridgestone again. (of course the 18" size limits my choices).

the good is that they handle great above 45 (except when cornering and hitting a bump), and they have great wet traction.

xdss from USA NE

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Overall: 1 star rating

Battlax bt015

February 27, 2012
Have a gsxr 1000 with 4k miles. The bt015 wobbles over freeway cracks and even painted lines in the carpool lane. overall grip has been good with braking and cornering (dry conditions), but wear and overall feel are not good. rear tire is now showing steel bands!! it happened quick with little warning. wouldn't recommend.

Jonas Denny from Orange, CA

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Overall: 2 star rating

Not happy

December 08, 2011
Got the battlax for my concourse and boy what a disappointment. They always left me with a feeling of poor grip and the grooves in our freeways had the whole bike wobbling like crazy. Went back to the dunlops and what a world of difference. Dig dunlops on all of my kawi's....

Paul from Long Beach

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Overall: 1 star rating

Gpz500 with bt45's

December 03, 2011
I fitted these tyres to my kwask gpz500 with 28k on the clock, its now just over 30k and I've loved them. Grip has been very safe feeling, I use my bike for commuting in all weathers(winter especially), even if its hammering down with rain and is only 2 degrees outside, or 20 degrees celcius and the sun is shining.

The gpz is a mild mannered bike, no sudden power steps etc, I think these tyres suit this bike great, many other owners of gpz's agree this is the tyre to have on them, although(me included), they report it makes their bike shake its head when you let go of the handlebars, scary, but just don't let go of them and it'll never do it!

Wear is non-existant so far, in corners I've had no slides or other happenings, even in torrential downpours, I feel this tyre is perfect for commuting bikes. I've run it to within a few mm's of the edge on the twisties and as yet I've had no worries at all.

I can't say what they will be like on more powerful bikes, but the 60bhp gpz500s loves them!
really recommended, btw I've had lots of bikes, last 6 years a suzuki 1200 bandit(1yr), honda fireblade(5yrs) and currently a new suzuki sv650s(current bike, 2mths) and I've been riding 15 years.

Phil from UK

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Overall: 5 star rating

Poor grip, poor mileage

June 18, 2009
Ran BT45s on a VX800 for about 18000 miles - 3 sets - until was recommended the BT020 dual compound. Didn't think I needed a sportier tyre for a tourer but was wrong - noticeably better grip, bike felt much more confident in corners and looking at nearly twice the mileage from the rear, far better all round and works out cheaper, that's got to be good, so skip the BT45, never felt good in corners anyway.

Bungalow-build from England

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Overall: 5 star rating

Bridgestone Exedra G703

September 17, 2008
08 Suzuki C90T. Tires are OEM on this bike. Tires handle very well wet or dry and are extremely quiet. The only complaint I have is the white walls have blemishes that stand out like a sore thumb. I have looked at other bikes with this tire and they all have it. I have 3500 miles so far and they are about 30% worn. Over all I am happy with this tire.

Johnny from New York

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Overall: 4 star rating

Average, there are better from Michelin

June 24, 2008
Ran thru 3 BT45's before I changed, 2 rear 1 front. While they made an improvement from what I had before I never felt realy sure on the bike. Then I tried a matching pair of Michelin Macadams. Wow, I then knew that the BT45's were OK but not at the level I wanted for cornering ability. The Macadams turn in quick, the Bridge's don't, the Mac's stick, the Bridges squirm.

Canv from Wet Coast, BC

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Overall: 5 star rating

Excellent bias-ply option

December 01, 2006
I ran thru a set of these on my FJ1200. I was shocked at how well they gripped. I got about 8k miles on them as i recall. I occasionally pushed the bike much harder than I should have thru the corners (I'm an ex-road racer) and they never let me down. The rear tire is dual compound so they don't square off as fast as most others. They are also well priced - definitely my first choice for older bikes with narrow rims needing bias-ply tires...

Joefj1200 from SF bay area

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August 31, 2006
My 600 came with the battlaxs on it. The tires wore out in 2500 miles and never really gave a sense of security in the corners. I ride mildly aggressive as I am a newb to street bikes and still ate these up on the hot nevada pavement.
I would rate this tire a good commute tire but if you are going to ride aggresive look elsewhere.

Matt from Nevada

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Overall: 3 star rating

Pilot Sport

July 19, 2006
I ride a 03 SV1000s, so a sticky tire is pretty important to me. I'm fairly aggressive on the street, using the sides of my tires until my toes/pegs touch down. The pilot gave me 3K from the rear while the front had considerable wear as well. I replaced them both with BTO14 Bridgstones which have been great so far. I do recommend michelin pilot/powers, don't expect a lot of mileage, but be confident that the grip will be there at any street speeds.

Andrew from Lebanon, TN

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Overall: 5 star rating

Decent but lacking

April 20, 2006
These tires came OEM on my 2001 Triumph Sprint RS. I got 8k miles out of them I could get another 2k from these bridgestones but they're starting to get a little slippery. They seem to be holding the performance of my bike down even when new. More of a touring tire than performance so I decided to get something different. I can't say I dislike the tires but I know my bike would do better with something sportier.

Scott Corbiser from Martinsburg, WV USA

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Overall: 3 star rating

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