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Pirelli Diablo / Pirelli Diablo Corsa III

May 05, 2009

The Diablo and Diablo Corsa III are by far the best tires I've ridden on. I ride a CBR929RR and get 9000 km (5500 mi)out of the Diablo's rear and about 600 mi less from the Corsa III in the back and about 9000 mi in the front.

The most impressive is that it grips well on slick pavement which we have lots of here in Greece, grips well cold too so it can be used day to day. Also it will grip well when worn - down to the wires showing - of course some degradation occurs with time.

Both tires have great grip, when I first put on Diablos I couldn't believe the amount of grip! I think the Corsa III is better balanced because of the softer front and the dual compound in the rear. The Corsa III inspires more confidence at lean angle and on the brakes - can do endos on slick tarmac.

The Diablo has a normal entry where the Corsa III falls in a a bit sharper. If they do slide they do so progressively (both tires). They absorb small bumps well giving a planted feel.

Negatives, not many, with the Corsa III's they take a little getting use to with medium lean angle as they tend to fall in.

Also both tires have a soft, planted feel that inspires confidence but you can't exactly feel a dime under your tires and they're not lazer accurate, but I guess if the carcass was stiffer they'd breakaway abruptly.

John, CBR 929 RR from Patrai, Greece

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March 06, 2009
I bought this rear tire for 180$ and the center was bald in 2,000 miles. I beat it up a little but didnt burn it off or drag race. Im going for michelin next, hopefully getting a few more months out of it.

Mike k from PA , USA

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New tire 07 1000RP no good

December 22, 2008
After just 4800 miles tire showing steel cords. No burnouts, no drag, just norm 50YR oil riding with 20 years experience.
Rear tire junk!!!


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Don't get a 120/60 front

August 08, 2008
I have a sv 650 so I got the diablo's and love them the only thing is I went with the stock size of a 120/60 and had the problem of running out of tire in the front and still having tire in the rear so I went with the 120/70 and it tracks a lot better the problem I ran into then was the bike tured alot slower and that was messing me all up so I lowered the forks 3mm and ever since then its been drag knee city hope you make the right choice and have fun dudes!


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Tread life is awesome!

May 26, 2008
I have a K7 GSXR 600, and with this tire on the
rear, the grip is top notch, even in the rain.
Super stable at high speeds. I have 3,000 miles
on this tire and I think it will go another 3,000.

Skid from OK

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Diablos good for aggressive street riding

February 09, 2007
I've had two front and three rear diablos now. They have a good profile. Unlike other tires I've been on, feel doesn't drop out at about 45 degrees. Dry Grip is really good. Very good in the rain. Wear is about 4000 rear and 6000 front with aggressive canyon riding. I'd recommend these for aggressive street/occasional track day.

Cliff Wallace from San Diego

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