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June 01, 2015
Handling on my 2013 thruxton was good on long sweeping bends but too soft so put back shocks on full preload and front to 2 lines then fitted 140/80/17 rear and 110/80/18 front perelli sport demons which made handling a dream. Only go up one size or face handling issues and 80 instead of 90 on front or tyre hits fender screws they look awesome and greatly improve handling.

Aimond from NORFOLK

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Great tire for street riding.

November 10, 2009
Had put these tires on my Kawasaki ER-5 after the stock Dunlops lost their form. The most obvious change is handling! Don't know, if this is because of new tires, or their profile. It is very easy to enter corners fast! Have ridden about 6000 miles before selling the bike and they still handled almost like new, the wear was minimal (rear).
They are excellent in the wet - I've ridden ~130mph in a downpour, and all the grip was there.
Managed to slide on both wheels a couple of times in an emergency braking, so the grip is limited, but on a good side, they regained the grip both times nicely, when I released brakes.
Would recommend these tires to middleweight bikes with narrow rims, like Kawasaki Ninja 500, ER5, Honda CB500, Suzuki GS500 and the likes.

Artiom from Vilnius, Lithuania

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Sport Demon On Harley

August 13, 2008
Have A 07 Dyna with a fork brace and upgraded shocks.
With stock dunlop would get high speed
wooble in corners at 130km to 160km. Replaced
Front with Sport Demon and the bike is stable
at any speed and degree of corner.

Have 10,000 + km and little wear. Sticks like mad
and I can handle the corners like my sport bike
(without the back pain)

Yes it's a harley! 90% for sport bike riders use
40% of the bikes ability. The W5 is what
I hear alot when I stop.

If this Tire is this good on a big bike like mine
it would be great on any bike.

Cam from Vancouver ,BC Canada

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Sport Demon on Thruxton

February 20, 2007
Replaced the stock Metzlers with +1 size Sport Demons, and they transformed the ride of my '04 Triumph Thruxton. The Pirelli SD's inspired much more confidence and out-classed the stock tires in every respect. Fewer weights required for balancing, awe inspiring improvement in cornering and overall ride quality and mileage.

I ride in all kinds of weather (except ice and snow), and these tires never failed to please in any respect. I have about 13,000 miles on the rear which needs replacement, but the front is still useable. Highly recommended for this bike.

Peter from Pittston, PA

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