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I now feel safe in the rain.

August 09, 2009
Just put on a new set on my 800 vulcan and went on a 400 mile ride then hit about 40 miles in heavy rain. But water is not a problem for the MT66 and I felt safe for the first time in the rain and great on long or short trips these tires hold the road like glue. I will tell every one I can about these tires. I had a friend behind my and he saw the water getting pushed away like a wave. GREAT TIRES

Anonymous from New York , USA

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MT 66 Front

July 19, 2009
Got this with about 12,500 on the 2000 Honda Shadow ACE Dlx2. With 21,155 it is time to replace it. Very good traction with this tire, run out smooth from the start. I would put another in it's place. Good tire.

James Bell from Murfreesboro, TN

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Pirelli MT66 on Harley Electraglide

July 18, 2009
Just completed a trip from Northern Alberta to Texas (seeing many national parks in between) and back on a brand new set of MT66's,130/90/16 front and 140/90/16 rear. Encountered gravel, rain, steep climbs and twisty roads and these tires handle great. These tires are such an improvement over Dunlops I was impressed, normally with Dunlops the bike was affected by wind and road cracks and cornered horribly but with Pirelli's the bike handled like it was on rails. I've owned this bike for 3 years and clocked approx 25000k and this is the first time with this bike I felt safe letting go of the handle bars with the throttle locked, normally it would pull either direction, now it goes straight wind or not and road cracks/grates have little effect on the bike, and gravel used to be a handful, now has little affect on bike.
The only thing I don't like about these tires is the weight rating, there rated to haul less weight than the Dunlops but I don't carry a passenger so there OK for me and also the rear is totally done and needs replaced now but I think it probably is close to what I would have got from the Dunlop approx 9000km (heavy bike and lots of torque)and I ride hard and fast.

A friend that came on this trip also rides a Harley with Dunlops and his bike didn't handle rain or corners as good as my bike, his bike got a little out of control a couple of times trying to keep up, but my bike is heavier also so that may have some affect to. I will definitely buy another Pirelli again, I was going to go with Metzler tires but read the reviews and decided to try the Pirellis, I was also going to buy a true trac for my bike to try to improve the handling but now I don't feel I need one. Other Harley riders might frown on running anything but Harley Dunlops but to me a bike is a bike and I'll run what works best for me, I think Pirelli's are a great handling tire and would suggest trying a set, and they're less expensive than Dunlops.

Ed from Smith, Alberta

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Major upgrade from Dunlop

October 06, 2008
I replace my OEM Dunlops just shy of 8K miles on my 2004 Honda Shadow Aero & I now have nearly 6K miles logged on the Pirellis.

From the moment I left the dealer with the new tires I could feel the difference. The Pirellis were light & agile by comparison to the Dunlops. The only way I know how to describe it is that the old Dunlops felt like I was slogging through mud by comparison.

On a recent road trip, I covered 1800 miles, including dirt, gravel, mud (all from unexpected road work on a Montana highway); as well as snow in a Wyoming pass over 8,000 feet and both moderate and very heavy rain. The Pirelli MT66 tires performed perfectly in all conditions. I always felt like the tires had good grip and were an asset to my safety.

After nearly 6K miles, the rear tire shows some signs of wear but no discernable change in performance and the front tire looks virtually brand new. I highly recommend them!

Randy Slutz from Pocatello, ID USA

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Second set, this time front and rear -- great!

August 24, 2008
I have put around 1,000 miles on a set of MT66's, front and rear matching set, on my 1979 Honda CB750K, and there is very little wear showing thus far. They track well, they seem to barely react to road cracks, and they have decent grip, dry. I have not had to ride in the rain yet, but they are a good tire thus far. They're rated as tubeless, but my bike has spoked rims, so I had the mechanic install tubes, of course. I have not had any problems with these tires thus far.

I will likely be using these in the future. The real question is, how long will they last? Stay tuned. When I wear them out, I will return with how many miles I got, before I hit the safety bars. Make sure you check your tire pressure often: under-/over-inflated tires fail much more often (Yikes!!!), and they wear out prematurely ($$$), as well. Since I frequently ride two-up, I run both at the maximum pressure recommended by Honda for my bike. Cheers!

BAL02 from SE MN

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Immune to road cracks, and steel grated bridges!

April 22, 2008
Got this as a replacement front tire on my 1983 Kawasaki 440 LTD. Didn't know anything about them until I rode it. I live in southern Minnesota, where the winters tear the roads apart, creating cracks, and potholes as fast as the snow melts in the Spring. Riding motorcycle can be a challenge on older, more worn, and cracked roads, as your front tire will pull every way the crack goes. With this on the front, and a no-name rear tire, dating from 20 years ago for tread design, I am free from holding a firm grip on the steering! The front tire is almost unaffected by road cracks, and steel grated bridges are easy to drive across -- now. I bought a pair, front and rear, for my 1979 Honda CB750K. I will be rolling on this bike in a week. I am looking forward to posting my comments on that bike, after I have some time to ride this Summer. Cheers!

BAL02 from SE Minnesota USA

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Pierelli Route 66

September 04, 2007
I have had the Pirelli Route 66 on the back of my BMW R100 now with slightly more than 10,000 miles, matched with a ME33 Laser Metzeler on the front. I just put a new Metzeler Lasertec on the front after 15,000 miles on the old Metzeler ME 33. It still had about a thousand miles left in it, but why push your luck?

I have been overall quite pleased with the Route 66, especially considering the price. It is starting to get a bit flat in the center from too much highway and less than aggressive cornering, but still has fair amount of tread left. It breaks over a bit now in the corners because the contour is no longer round as when new. I will probably consider a bit softer tire next time, but if I was doing a lot of long distance riding, I would probably go for the Pirelli Route 66 again. I would actually give it four and a half stars. I find it equal to the Metzeler Marathon ME88, and the equivilent Continental.

David Rose from Indianapolis, IN

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Good value

May 30, 2007
I have almost 12,000 on the MT's on my Roadstar and there's still a bit of life left in them. The price was very reasonable, $178 a pair delivered, and the road feel was good.

For those who don't know it, Pirelli owns Metzeler.

Jackson from Chicago, IL

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MT66 for the Honda ACE

November 11, 2006
HAd very good traction on wet and dry pavement, and I DON'T like wet pavement, bad memories. Wear was exceptional as I got a good 13,000 miles out of them. I bought another set for a replacement. I club ride so its cruise and when I am not I sport ride. They handle very well in both situations. I recommend them for medium size cruisers. My buddy has them on his big cruiser and he likes them also. Keep an eye on the tire pressure or they will fade fast.

Lonnie from Charleston, WV

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Good all around

October 08, 2005
Bought these shortly after picking up my Vulcan 800 last year. Great traction, and a stable ride, at a fairly good price (around $65 each online). I got about 11,000 on the rear and its just about worn out. The front is barely worn.... as usual. Will buy another one.

DJ from Tennessee

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New to pirelli

July 24, 2005
Got tired of feelin every road snake and wiggle. mt66's were highly regarded as was metzeler 880, but they were out of metz

big change from stock dunlop, no wiggles, did great on wet roads, and moderate prices..

really a difference

made things a lot more enjoyable on turns and backroads

Swump from Cincinnati

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