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Dunlop QualifiersD220

July 22, 2008
Bought these to replace OEM on a FZ6. I don't ride the track but commute alot and also lots of street riding. Better cornering than the OEM for sure, but massive flat spot in center (no surprise) and could not believe i actually got 6k miles on these tires...even the guys at the shop were amazed and they put them on. Thinking about Mich Pilot Pwrs for the next set, but hard to argue with 6k on these.

Dave from Springfield, MO

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Good for Dry Days

May 27, 2008
I had a set of D208s on my 94 VFR. Quick, confidence-inspiring turn in. Excellent dry traction, handled two track days well. Wet traction sucked, but these tires weren't really designed for that.

The other downside: the rear lasted 3k miles, the front maybe twice that. I do a lot of highway miles, and once they started to wear flat in the middle they handled like crap.

Good tire for the fair weather twisties rider and the occasional track day.

Brian from Mobile, AL

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Dunlop 208GP

September 06, 2007
I put these tires on with the recommendation of someone who races. They corner great, but their high speed stability is worthless. The rear tire only has 400 miles on it and there is a 3 inch wide flat spot all around. Their durability is severely lacking.

ian nims from Sembach, Germany

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208zr's and 208GP's

January 13, 2007
I have run the 208 series tires on my bikes since they came out. I ride everyday, wet or dry, and put about 130 miles a day on. The 208's work very well in all types of riding. I have an old RF600R that I ride to work everyday. My ride to work is every riders dream. 39 miles of mountain roads and 26 miles of freeway. I have ridden in light snow and the occasional icey spots. The usual warm up is required before hitting the highway, but once they are warmed up, they stay warm. The wet weather grip is far better than any of the other Dunlop 2 series tires. My RF is heavy and doesn't have much torque, but believe me, I do my fair share of peg grinding. (a set of knee pucks every 8 weeks) The 208's are very responsive and lend to small suspension adjustments.
On my 999, the 208's are as close to race tires as you will find at this point. One thing that is very noticable with the 208's is that when the tire gets overheated, they do let the bike get loose on exit. But the all around grip is about a 4.5 out of 5.
I usually go through a rear in about 2500 miles and a front around 3500 miles on the RF. On the 999, about 2500 miles each. Yeah, they wear quick, but how much is traction worth to you? Priceless to me.

Flying Greek from Big Bear, Ca

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Good for what it is!

November 19, 2006
I replaced the stock Mez4 on my 2000 SV650 rear just to try it out... It grant me excellent traction at operational temperature. I like to wheelie now and then, and I accelerate pretty quick at times, but I don't do burn outs or anything extreme. These tires are the stickiest that I have used so far, which is a very good thing, but due to their nature, they have a very low mileage-life. I got approximately 5500 out of the rear, but It was well over due for a change. I rated this tire fairly high because it is a race compound and does it's job very well. However, the low temperature traction is not good. Certain instances when I opened full throttle before the tires had warmed up, and the tires started spinning on asphalt... Not sure that's a good sign... but like any race compound warm up before riding hard.

Ryan from Houston, TX USA

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Not bad

August 30, 2006
I put two sets of these on my CBR600F4i and the stick great but only lasted for 4000 miles on the back while commuting and sport tourning. My RC51 devoured a rear in 3000 miles commuting and tooling around. They provide lots of feed back through the suspension, a bit too much for my taste.

Morgan from Monterey, CA USA

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Overall: 3 star rating

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