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Don't seem to be all that bad

July 06, 2008
I have a K627 mounted on the rear of my '82 Honda CB900 Custom. I'll freely admit that it was on the bike when I bought it, and I've put about 2200 miles on it since I bought the bike.

I don' thave much of a basis for comparison on this motorcycle (although I've been considering replacing the front and rears with D404's), but I can't find much to complain about with the K627. My riding is mostly 55-70mph touring, often times solo but occasionally two-up with my wife (both of us together weigh in at about 340lbs.).

In cornering, the Dunlop F11 on the front of the bike feels more vague than the 627 on the rear, but the F11 is due for replacement, too. The 627 seems to deal with wet weather well enough (I've been in pretty solid rain a couple of times), and it seems to handle the weight of two-up touring without complaint.

It's decent enough that if I found a new one for a really cheap price, I'd probably skip testing a 404 for another round and buy a new 627. Maybe ignorance is bliss, but I've never found myself thinking, "Man, I wish I had a different tire". Your milage may vary, and I bet your riding style does, too. :^)

Shawn from Southwest Michigan, USA

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