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Maxxis to the max

March 22, 2013
Brought a set of maxis m6029 tyres for only $220 and I'm gobsmacked. I ride very hard 90 percent of the time and these, believe it or not, are better than Pilot power 2ct tyres they replaced.

They feel planted and very stable and on the very first ride I scrubbed them right to the edge they felt that good.... These are cheap sport/touring tyres and I did not expect these to be anywhere as good as what they replaced.... I was soooooo wrong....

These tyres are cousins to Chein Shin tyres and made in Thailand I think.... People poo poo them as cheap Chinese made crap, well they have never ridden them so their opinion is not one bit valid....
Mine is, as I've pushed them hard and only ride corners 90+ percent of the time and these are much much better than the price would suggest.

Don't be an egg and poo poo them before ya try em. Put a set on your bike and try them next time you need tyres.... Enjoy the grip and the savings you will be laughing all the way to the bank. I love them.
By the way I'm mid 50's and have been riding my whole life and own 5 sports bikes and don't own a car. I leave the young guys in my dust all the time....
Ride safe.
Ride hard.

Steve from New Zealand

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SuperMaxx on ZX6R

February 23, 2009
The bike had a new pair of 6029's on it when I purchased it. I have now done almost 14k Km's on them commuting to/from work. Looking to replace the rear. The tyres have been more than capable and have lasted well. Will replace with same.

Duncan from Sydney, Australia

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Maxxis Supermaxx

October 14, 2006
I have ridden bikes for many years now. I have used Pilot Powers on my VFR800 and they were great but the rear only lasted about 3500k, not long enough.

My ZX10R came with Maxxis tyres fitted which I was a bit suspect of. 8000k later I have to say I haven't had any dramas or any problems with them. I'm not sure how long they last as my bike had 4000k on it when I bought it and I replaced the rear at about 8 or 9k and there is plenty of tread left on the rear at 12k. I would guess I would get 6000k out of a rear but not really sure.

These tyres are cheaper than premium sport tyres and last much longer. I have ridden the bike quite hard with no slides or scary moments, none that I would attribute to the tyre anyway.

A lot of guys I know use these tyres with no problems and even a few people who are into stunt riding use these as sports tyres are just too expensive.

My maximum speed on these tyres is about 240kph but no issues at that speed. Yeah, yeah my bike does 300kph but I don't. Why? It is too fast for the road and yet it takes no talent to do 300kph. What's the point? It takes skill to do corners well and these tyres certainly seem up to it.

Grant from Perth, Western Australia

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