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Suzuki sv650 on d220's

March 24, 2015
Wow it's not just me then. I thought my 2014 SV650 was hinged in the middle! On reflection it always feels terrible in the cold (<10deg)and okayish when warm. I thought the days of shite Japanese rubber was long gone but Dunlop D220's suck. Any body want to buy a pair, hardly used, great for keeping your boat dent free.

John from Kent

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Scary tires

October 08, 2014
I have the Dunlop D220st on the rear that came with my bike. I've had it lock up several times on dry pavement under moderate braking and I have found I have to be extremely careful on wet roads. I have no idea of the mileage on the tire since it was on it when I bought the bike, but I have put at least a few thousand miles on it with minimal wear. I've also had it slip at very low speed on wet cement at an intersection. Very low confidence in this tire and can't wait to swap it for something better.

Robin from Merritt Island, Florida

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Dunlop 220 - bin them

August 18, 2014
These were O/E tyres on my new 650 Versys. Washed the front out on a dry sunny summers day whilst exiting a roundabout. Bike written off as it collided with a lorry. Leg smashed. 2000 miles on bike/ tyres. Avoid these tyres at all costs. I don't understand why manufacturers fit such mediocre tyres to motorcycles. Thanks for ending my two wheeled adventures!

Phil G from N I

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Crap tire

September 04, 2012
A little over 4000 mi and the cords are showing, no burnouts etc.

Crai from Midwest

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Dunlop D220s

August 06, 2012
I too Have a 2011 SV650s in white and blue, the bike is lovely. I can tell you I have had in excess 50 bikes over the last 40 years. I have never before felt the urge to comment on tyres, but I am glad I am not alone in finding these blasted tyres diabolical!!

I have managed to get to 3300 miles and more by the grace of God stayed upright on these evil tyres. Whether they are just not suited to the SV I don't know but they are downright dangerous!!!
All I can say is Suzuki you are doing the Marque no favours and Dunlop you have a duty of care in the products you supply. They are not fit for purpose.

Martin Vee from uk Midlands

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D220 on dragons tail...no problems

June 14, 2012
I just finished putting about 1400 miles on these tires. I had bought them years ago brand new on ebay and had them laying in the garage. I was without tires and didnt want to lay down $300 plus, so I put these on my 06 636. I headed down to the dragons tail and 143. I have racing experience but after reading the reviews on these tires, was sure that I would slip all over the place.

Well I pushed these tires harder than I push my q2's and did not slip once. I even pushed them hard in the rain and had no problems. I cannot understand why everyone is so down on these. I gave them plenty of time to warm up before I drove aggressive, but once they were warm, I had no problems. I did lose my front end near the top of the dragon, but that was drivers error and no fault of the tires.


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Suzuki sv650s 2011, lacking grip in bends

December 03, 2011
Oh dear, my brand new sv650s(2011) has these and I've done about 1300 miles and hate them. Had suzuki bandit 1200 and a fireblade before so I know what to expect from decent tyres and these d220 are lacking.
Just yesterday, I went out in 10 degrees celcius weather, dry looking roads(beginning of december, no grit layed yet)) and even after 6 miles of riding to get a bit of heat into the tyres I lost the front end at about 50-60mph around a left-hand bend. Very close to low siding, luckily I caught the slide, but it shouldn't have happened. Hence why I'm now checking reviews on them and its clear these are not good tyres to be cornering on.

I've always had bridgestones, 020, 021, 014 etc, and never have I lost control at such average riding speeds. Scary thing is that in the warmer days where its been almost 20degrees I've been riding the twisties and have run the front tyre to the edge of its tread pattern without even trying, which is odd because normally your rear tyre runs close to its edge and the front has more to go, but my rear still has about 1/2" on the edges left whereas the front is about 1/4" or just less???? Not good knowing how little tyre is left on the front for cornering....

Overall I'd say the wear is good, 1300 miles shows almost no wear but feedback in corners is poor, and they let go with no warning to the rider, and on damp roads even with heat in the tyre grip is below average. My trusty old kwak gpz500 runs cheap bridgestone bt-045's and they're fantastic, even on a bike with 30k and original suspension!
So be warned, these are not good tyres if you corner at average lean angles or more, and they are not good in damp or wet conditions.

Phil from UK

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Utter shite

September 16, 2011
Dunslip d220 sportmax st, don't buy em simple as that, no grip in the cold no grip in the wet and mediocre grip in the dry, the worst part is they last forever so you're stuck with em unless you've got the money to replace them.

kev slater from derby uk

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Dunlop D220... pure shite!

May 18, 2010
I had to use these as the bike came with them and I couldn't really afford to replace brand new tires... but they are awful... they are slick when cold, crap in the wet and are pigs to corner with..

Granted there could be worse and they did get me close to 8000km but I've driven the same bike with Continental Road Attacks and the bike is a whole new beast with those... The dunlop d220 are just ok for a touring bike that doesn't hit corners very hard and drives slow and rarely sees cold temps but they flat spot something horrible in the back... so you had better be a granny with the throttle

My front is new still but I am going to toss it in the garbage when I get my new tires... I hate these things with a passion even a nearly bald bridgestone battleaxe was better.

Sasquatchfarts from Canuckland

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Duplop 220's on SV650

March 26, 2010
Stock tires for the SV650, I have a 2008, I got just under 10,000km (6000miles) to the rear and the cords are showing (no wheelies or burnouts). I was not very impressed with the tire, not a tonne of grip, especially the front, this tire combined with the soft fork on the SV left a lot to be desired when riding hard. I'm looking forward to putting something a little stickier on the bike.
A stint down my favorite twisty would enduce the ABS far more than I would have expected and would always end up with excesive rubber feathering off the rear tire.

I wouldn't recommend this dunlop, there are far better options for the same money.

Barko from Ontario Canada

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Dunlop 220 Rear

July 14, 2009
My 08' Yamaha FZ6 ate a deep groove down the center 3/4 way around the tire. No cords showing but strange. I am a newby to sport bikes and at 240, I'm a little heavy for the 600. I ride fairly hard on take offs and getting almost all the tire in the corners. At 2400 miles I was surprised at the wear with no bunouts or wheelies (ok, some small power wheelies). The FZ6 does pull hard for a 600 but was surprised with the tire wear being my first sport bike. Another reason I'm glad not to have opted for the FZ1!

I'm not a stranger to power after owning a CRF450R which was easier on tires with way more abuse. (apples to oranges) The Honda 750 Shadow I had would not wear out a tire. My son is running a Bridgestone Batlax Bt 020 on his Ninja 650R and its wearing great, but is a little wobbly in hard corners. He pulls wheelies and rides hard 80% of the time and the rear tire looks great with 2500 miles.

Scott G. from Springdale Arkansas

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Be Careful

July 04, 2009
I have D220's on my 06 SV650. If you don't ride too agressively and want an inexpensive tire that lasts a long time, then go for it. If you want to do some corner carving then ditch these tires for something stickier. I low sided my bike at an intersection making a right turn with these tires. While I went into the corner a little hot, I felt that the rear tire shouldn't have slipped. Fortunately, frame sliders saved the bike from major damage. I'm replacing the D220's with Pirelli Diablo Rosso tires. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Del from Temecula Ca.

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07 sv650

May 06, 2009
These are not bad tires for distance, Ive gotten 11k miles out of the fronts and am just getting around to replacing them, the rears went about 8k miles before the flat spotting got to much to take. I use the bike for a sport tourer and packed with full bags virtually every weekend including trips to Canada, michigan and Tennesee all from Dayton Ohio.

Tj from Dayton, ohio

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220's bmw k1200rs

January 03, 2009
This being the second set of 220's,have to say all in all a good tire. Great handling wet and dry. Riding style is a "spirited" rough Michigan roads. The krs is a heavy bike w/lots o'HP. 1st.set-just under 5ooo miles. Currently have 3076miles on 2nd.set. With that said, I will be looking at the Roadsmarts in the future. I've tried conti R/A-great feel, terrible milage. Bridgstone 020 front/056 rear-never again! So, hope the "roadsmart" will prove to be a good choice for improved milage. Here's to a safe and great New Year 09' peace....

chris d from Norhtport michigan

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D220s on BMW RT

October 09, 2008
The 220s on my R1150RT perform very nicely in all conditions from aggressive twisty riding to straight line touring. I expect to see about 6K miles from the rear and a bit less than that from the front. All other bikes I've owned, including an R1150GS, have gotten almost twice the mileage from their front tires as did the rears. On the front tire of the RT the most wear is just off the crown of the tire, which shows excellent wear. I attribute the seemingly premature wear on this part of the tire to the 17" rim and weight-forward design of the bike.

John from Napa, California

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Overall: 5 star rating

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