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Not bad for OEM sport/touring tires...

October 06, 2008
Came factory on my '07 SV650S. Not bad for what they are...I rode ~650 aggressive miles this past weekend through the Ozarks and don't have any complaints.

They do seem to be wearing a little quick...just a tick over 5,000 miles and both front+rear are almost to the wear marks.

Evan from NE Oklahoma

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D220 just

October 01, 2008
I just got a 2006 SV650. It had 5000 miles on it when I bought it. Obviously, the previous owner did a lot of straight line riding. As far as I can tell, the front tire still looks new, but the back has a 3 or 4 inch flat all the way around. My goal was to do some hard riding to see if I can round them back out. The problem is I don't feel real confident at speeds trying to narrow the "chicken strips" off the edges. (Guess I'm chicken)

Years ago, I had an '89 Hawk GT that had some really "STOCK" Dunlops mounted,(think they were something like 404's) and I swear I felt better pushing that bike hard into a lean than I do with this bike. I'm trying to decide what's more important to me..... grip...or wear. I consider this bike a sport bike and I want a tire that performs well. However, I can't afford to replace tires and oil at the same interval. HAHAHA

Jeff from Mobile, Al.

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Dunlop 220's- (ST1300 -'o6)

August 05, 2008
Hey...I have over 300,000 miles under my belt, owning 12 bikes. These Dunlop 220's are great. Any tires that get me over 11,000 miles; with the superb grip & long lasting rubber. I am buying the same OEM's again!

Doug from Savannah, GA.

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D220's I agree

July 22, 2008
I agree with Jake, these are good tires for the milage and for sport touring. My riding buddies swear by the pilot powers from Mitch. I am thinking about switching as it's time for another set.

Dave from Springfield, MO

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Very ordinary.

July 19, 2008
Had a pair on a SV650S 2006.
They were good for the first 3000 km and so, then the bike developped head shake and rear tire was often spinning when attempting a wheelie.
Not very reasuring in rain either.
The rear lasted 9000 km...

Now beeing replace with BT-014 which are much better, at least brand new...

fredo gauvino from canada

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May 29, 2008
Have a set on my bandit GSF 1200. Had them almost a year and rear is almost wore down in center stip. Been riding in a very tame fashion on them and probably won't get more than 3500 miles on the rear. Front might make 4500. Just about any dunlop hasn't lasted on the bike (D207). The bandit does seem to eat tires like jake d. said but i was expecting a bit more wear. The traction is about or slightly above average. For daily to slighly aggressive driving these would be ok it terms of grip if you don't mind short life.

luv_2_wheels from western, PA

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Not a Fan

May 27, 2008
I had a pair of 220s on a VFR750. The dry-grip was not very confidence inspiring. On the road they were so-so, on the track even less so. The front has parallel grooves which cause the front to move around a lot over grooved pavement. Once worn, the front caused my vfr to develop a head shake between 45 and 65 (not uncommon for VFRs, though, but the tires made it worse).

On the good side, the rear lasted 6k miles and the front almost 10k miles before I was finally rid of it.

Brian from Mobile, AL

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No Grip

May 22, 2008
These were the stock tires on my 2006 SV650s. I got about 5,500mi out of the rear and never had it all the way over. Tire didn't feel very assuring, but tread life was pretty good for Florida riding (i.e. lots of straights) Probably better for less sporty bikes.

Jake from Daytona Beach FL

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Bandit 1200 makes short work of rear tire

May 05, 2008
I've put two pair of D220s on my 98 GSF 1200 and and have only averaged 3750 miles a piece on the rear tire... I do a good deal of engine breaking which may contribute to the short life span of these tires. The handling however does not disappoint.

J Anderson from Mankato, MN USA

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D220's on a torque monster

June 05, 2007
Had a Bandit 1200 for four years. For those not familiar with it, that's a very big and powerful bike with tons of torque-ie. a tire-eating machine! I tried several tires during that time, and would say that the Dunlop 220's performed exactly as advertised. They provided excellent grip for a "sport-touring" tire and VERY good mileage. They easily lasted 3 times as long as Michelin Pilot Sports, although they were a tad less sticky. I rode my Bandit like a complete lunatic, testing the tires as much as any street rider ever will, at ludicrous speeds and lean angles. Unless you are made of money and/or need the stickiest tires made, you can't go wrong with these.

Jake D. from Chicago, IL

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Dunlop D220

April 05, 2007
I have a set of these on a Suzuki Bandit 1200.
Only 4000 miles on them so far and the rear tire looks like it is wearing really quick - I don't think I will get 8000 out of the rear. ( the original tires for the bike - Macadam 90X went 10,400 )

mccuts from South Portland, Maine USA

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