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Absolute junk

April 26, 2015
These came fitted to my wee yamaha runabout ybr 125. A word of warning to anyone buying one of these little bikes, get the dealer to change them before buying! These tyres are rubbish! And yes tyre is the correct spelling! Anyway NO GRIP! WARM DRY DAY = VERY POOR, COLD DRY DAY = NO FEEL AND EVEN LESS GRIP, WET DAY OF ANY SORT = DOWNRIGHT DANGEROUS!!!

I have no confidence in the tyres and the only good thing about them is they wore out very quickly 1200 miles. Utter rubbish! Shame on you Yamaha this bike is sold as learner legal. I had the front tyre slide the rear tyre step across the road and both at the same time all at speeds below 60mph. Cracking wee bike utterly disgusting tyres!!!! The drop down fields require a star rating but in truth these tyres don't deserve any!

R Shields from Antrim

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