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June 29, 2011
Thats right guys, your comments are pretty much true but also have in mind the way you ride has a lot to do with the way your tires wear.

I have had these tires also. first set I got about 11000 miles riding the bike easy with little down shifting. second set about 6000 that was hot rod smashing down shifting riding hard you know the works... then I changed tires to avons venom did the same thing with those tires got the same results.. so bottom line is dont down shift as much and slow it down hahahaha and you well get more out of your tires.

dr flhx from so cal usa

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Metzlers ME880 Marathon

March 16, 2011
I put Metzlers ME 88O ( Marathon) on MY CB750 Custom & 81 GoldWing GL1100 front and rear and get 10,000 to 12,000 plus miles.The only BAD thing about the tires is that the side walls crack severly at low miles..Good wearing tires... Don from Los Angeles

Don from Los Angeles,CA

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No better than Dunlop, Just more expensive

February 06, 2011
Got 9k miles and the rear tire is dangerously worn. Got 10K on the original dunlop. May as well save some money and purchase Dunlop every 10K.

Gator from FL

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200/18 Marathon for 09 Yamaha Vmax

January 07, 2011
I purchased this after hearing good things about it hoping it would be better than the crappy stock Bridgestone....well I was pleasently surprised at it..Keep in mind no tire is going to do very well at harnessing 200 hp V4 torque. After some riding twisties and drag launches this tire is amazing for a darn touring tire wow!

Darren from USA

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2008 GL 1800 Badly cupped front tire

August 01, 2010
I wore out the stock Dunflops around 8,000 miles. Had around 2,000 miles on the Metzlers and noticed a 25-35 mph vibration and the front tire is cupped..Any ideas?

Tom from Denver Co

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July 25, 2010
Been running them for years put 117,000 on my 01 nomad was getting about 12000 miles drag floor boards in the mont all the time never had them break lose. And I ride real hard. Now 06 roaly star tour deluxe yamaha get 12000 back 7000 front so I put a 150/80/16 rear on the front reviresd and now have 31,000 miles on it center still has plenty of tread but sides are getting down to wear bars wore out my floor boards and never had it break lose.

bill odonnell from montains of va.rocky mt. va.

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82 Yamaha SECA 750

July 02, 2010
My sport touring bike is a little lighter than what a lot of yall are riding, but after a recent blowout of the front tire, I replaced my dunlops with metzeler marathons. The dunlops were barely worn in, and the metzelers are slightly used(I got both for $80 total). Its been raining since I installed the new tires and me posting this, but I have ended my fear of riding in the rain with the metzelers. They grab just as good in the rain as the dunlops did on dry pavement, and the extra wieght of the metzelers creates added stability at speed, even if their is an unnoticable loss in performance

Anonymous from DFW, Texas

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Great tire, just not when wet

April 24, 2010
The 880's are a great improvement over the OEM Dunlops the VTX came with. They doesn't follow rain grooves and have an about average life span. Living in TX allows for year-round riding, of which I take advantage most days to commute. I write "most" days because the rear 880 made me hate riding on wet asphalt as the tire breaks loose with any amount of rear brake pressure. I rode thru' two sets and both had their pucker moments when wet regardless of how much thread was left. Shame, as otherwise it is a great tire.

Alex from Dallas

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Best tires you could get for Harleys

December 31, 2009
I've been riding Metzeler 880s since they were introduced (back then they were ME88s) and selling them through Harley dealers and independent shops. I've sold hundreds of sets of ME880s and at least 99% of the people who bought them absolutely love them (so do I, I've ridden more than 200,000 miles on Metzelers.)The dry and wet handling is fantastic and I always get 15,000 miles out of a set on my Harleys, from Sportsters to my FXRP touring bike.

One thing we've found is that every person who says they don't like Metzelers is running them with low air pressure. Every single one! We've seen tires with as little as 10psi. Once we talk to them, get them up to the correct pressure (usually 42-45psi depending on the tire) their attitude changes and they love the Metzelers. Our repeat customers--the high-mileage guys-- are getting mileage about the same as mine. So if you think you don't like MeTzelers, check your tire pressure. Keep them very close to the Maximum printed on the side wall. And buy them from a reputable motorcycle shop who can go to bat for you on any possible warranty issues! I've only had a couple of warranty issues with Metzelers in my career, but they were all handled quickly and without hassle by Metzeler.

These are the best tires out there for cruisers and touring bikes...period! And I'm not saying that because we make tons of money off the sale of Metzelers. We make more money selling Dunlops, but Metzelers are simply the better tires.

Stephanie from Horsham, PA

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ME 880

October 29, 2009
400 miles on ME 880 both tires checked and the front an MT90B16 M/C TL checked and side wall came apart. My motorcycle had front end wobble so bad I thought front end was shot. Metzeler did not take ownership of this problem at all. It took them 4 weeks to get new tires to me. They dont pay for any part of the problem. They blamed me saying I cleaned them with harsh cleaning products. But I only used mild soap and water. Stay away from Metzeler tires.

Mike from Fresno, Ca

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Not a Dunlop 404

October 07, 2009
Please read my review of the Dunlop 404 on a Honda VTX1300R. As I stated in that review, I was fed up with replacing tires every few weeks. I did have the Marathon 880 rear put on May 1, 2009. The first thing I noticed was that the 880 was quite heavier than the 404. The additional weight, drag, etc., has cost me 2 MPG. The life of the tire has more than made up for the few extra pennies in fuel. I went from 50 MPG to 48 MPG on my VTX1300R. When you make a move, the tire responds instantly and precisely. I am a regular rider on The Tail of the Dragon and the 880 handles it better than any tire I have ever used. I ride about 3,500 miles a month, mainly on mountain twisties. I ride at, or slightly above the speed limit. I check my PSI and do a visual inspection, religiously once a week.

I now have 17,000 miles on the 880, and the tire is not even 1/2 way worn to the wear bars. The sidewalls are scuffed slightly from leaning it waaay over in the curves, but shows no cracks, discoloration, or anomalies. Sticks as well as any other tire in the rain, if not better.
Do, I repeat do, put a Metler Marathon 880 on your VTX1300R. The higher initial extra cost of the tire is insignificant, compared to the life of the tire. This tire has outlasted 3 Dunlop 404s and it is less than 1/2 way worn. I estimate my actual saving between tire cost, mounting, and balancing has been $500.00 over the last 5 months.

BoB Maull from Hickory, NC

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Check Tire Manufacture recommendations

September 06, 2009
I put a set of these tires on my HD Ultra Glide. They handled and rode fine. Worked well in the wet too. But several hundred miles from home at the end of a long tour I was suprized to find no tread left(on the rear) at 7,000 mi! I was used to getting 10,000 with the OEM Dunlops. I was disappointed to say the least. I check the pressure frequently and knew the tire was getting worn down but the last bit goes fast.

When I got home I did some checking and found that Metzler recommends an increase of 10psi over what Harley recomends for the OEM tire.(for 2-up heavy) I mount my own tires so I have no one else to blame. When mounting aftermarket tires, (Metzlers are not OEM on most bikes) check with the manufacture for specific or special instructions. Your motorcycle shop should know this. Ask. I am sure my tire would have lasted longer if I had known this before hand.

The front tire is doing fine, by the way, at 12,000mi.(properly inflated)

Dave K from Oregon City, OR

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Yamaha Warrior 210 50 17 from Germany

August 27, 2009
Scared is what I was when leaving Buffalo in the rain for my 8 hour ride home to CT when I saw this stripe down the middle of my rear tire. This tire has less than 3000mi on it. Although I checked a couple days prior I thought maybe I was running them too hard so I dumped a bit of air. By the time I rode 350mi home in the rain, not only was I nervous wreck, but the belts are what I saw around this 3/4 inch wide stripe. Tires performed well but did not last at all! Trying another brand this time.

Don - Norfolk CT from CT usa

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VTX 1300 S and ME 880

August 18, 2009
I really like the tires, they really hold on in the corners, way better than the Dunlop 404's, which tend to "skip - out" on the corners. This is probably the reason many users are finding low mileage as they hold so well that they are run that way, hard! Tons o' fun!
But, I went on a tour this July and ran into a bad rain storm between Golden and Kamloops in BC. I just about went down. I was scared, but unable to get of the road in that area. I'm afraid these tires are for dry only. I think I'll be changing next time for a better wet performance tire.

Brian Johnston from Newlands, BC, Canada

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Construction problems

July 18, 2009
2000 miles and have noticed cracks and a waving line (seam) around the bead on the front tire. I was using OEM Dunlops on my concours and should have never switched.

matt k from sacramento

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