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Mixed bag

June 29, 2009
I've replaced the OEM's on my '01 Valkyrie Interstate and '03 VTX 1800 with the 880's. Turning effort was very easy, dry traction turning was decent but hard stopping was unacceptable (broke loose every time). Wet traction was scary, turning and stopping. I got about 7,000-8,000 miles which isn't bad on big, heavy bikes. I replaced them with Dunlop Elite 3's and found out what truly great tires really feel like.

Jerry from North Texas

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June 09, 2009
After riding this Sunday I wiped my bike down like I normally do. I was walking away from it and turned to give it one last look when I noticed a shiney strip down the middle of my rear tire. Went to get a closer look and found it was steel belting. Seriously a 1/2 inch strip around the whole tire. 2008 HD Streetglide tire size 160/60 UR18 RR only 8k miles. Not happy!

Eric from Atlanta, GA

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Metzlers Extremely SHORT Life

May 19, 2009
I bought a set of Metzler Sportec M3's for my sport bike Yamaha YZF-R1. The rear tire lasted 1 short 3 month summer season in upstate NY and now the rear has to be replaced. It is beyond the wear marks. Thats $ 300 every season if I have to replace my tires every season with these Metzlers.

Eric from Upsate NY

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Scalloped and Noisy

May 07, 2009
I've gone through two rear and one front Metzler 880 on my 04 Nomad--all three have scalloped at less than 5000 miles and have always been noisy. I'm going back to Dunlop.

M. Miller from Dayton, OH

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Good Tires

April 07, 2009
13,000 on them, replacing this season. Reliable and safe. Made in Brazil and they're just fine. Would recommend 880's. I have a BMW R 1200 C.

mark from St Paul, MN

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Metzler 880's

April 04, 2009
I ride a 2000 Honda Valkyrie Interstate on Metzler 880's with no problems at all. Front tire has about 13k, down to wear bars and I am replacing. Rear has about 6k with maybe 1/3 of the tread left. They growl in the twisties, expected from almost 1000 lb. bike but handle like a dream. Hands off the bars and the bike tracks perfectly straight.
I would recommend.

Chuck Arkle from Belchertown Mass

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Disappointing purchase

February 24, 2009
I own a 1998 Honda Valkyrie Standard. Before I bought my first set of tires I looked for something that had a high mileage rating. That's not easy to find in motorcycle tires. But then I came across the Metzler 880 claim. So that was my choice. Disappointing to say the least. They are ready to be replaced after 6000 miles. Metzler will not be my choice this time. Leaning toward the Bridgestone but not committed just yet. When the Metzlers where new they did ride very well so I have to give them that but due to the cost involved we riders need more life in our tires.

Nik from Georgia

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Check-em before you buy

September 18, 2008
I have a GL 1200 goldwing and was on my second set of metzelers tires. The first time the back tire started cracking so I replaced with a new 880 went to Sturgis this year. Made it to billings. Got up the next morning and started heading for Sturgis when the back tire blew. Not so lucky me.(crash) the tire had 50% tread left so I sent the tire to perelli---well you know I got the shaft I wont buy them again.

Jeff Newbill from Tacoma, Wa

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Metzler 880

September 17, 2008
03 Suzuki VL800. Replaced Dunlop D404 with Metzler 880. I got 6500 miles out of the Dunlop and have 4500 miles so far on the Metzler's and they are about 30% worn. They handle very well compared to the Dunlop. They do not hunt in the cracks of the road like the Dunlop. The only complaint I have is they are very loud. I just bought a new C90T and it has Bridgestone on it. They handle just as good as the Metzler but are much quieter. I have 4000 miles so far and they are 30% worn.

Johnny from New York

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Metzler 880 Marathon, Wide Whites

September 11, 2008
I have a 2005 Harley Davidson Deluxe, I got 9K on the stock tires then switched to the 880s. I love this tire! It's quiet, it's sturdy, it holds the road far better than the stockers, and it was priced well. Now my bike has 18K miles (yes 10K on the 880s). I am getting close to buying a new set, just because. GREAT TIRE! Best one for your heavy scooter!

Jeff Parson from Sacramento

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Best handling, mileage poor

August 20, 2008
This is my third set of Metzlers on my BMW K100 with now 96K on the odometer, I have never gotten great mileage out of these tires and this rear tire has four thousand miles on it and is over 50 percent wore out...I generally drive close to ten thousand miles a year...can't afford to buy their tires if this is the case.

I will ask Metzler about this, and I won't be surprised with what they will say...

Doc from Kentucky

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Me 880' wide whitewall failed at 600 miles

June 13, 2008
ME 880

tire cracking

Extreme sidewall checking after only 600 miles and 7 months, front and rear. Tires were maintained to Metzeler psi specs. And cleaned with only soap and water. Metzeler takes no responsibility with this growing issue. See Motorcycle-journal.Com for even more including pictures and several Harley sites with similar complaints.

more cracks

A number of upset owners of these tires have reported the issues to the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTA) for an investigation in this poor product. Metzeler claims that it is a possible ozone induced cosmetic flaw only but then states to have the tires inspected without delay. (Hymmm?) Do not make a decision on these tires built in Brazil until you research it completely. I am told Perelli also owns Metzeler and uses the same plant. The Germain 880's have received few complaints of the same nature. Only gave it one star because they look good for awhile anyway.

Gm from Michigan, USA

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ME 880 Made in Brazil!!!

June 10, 2008
I just purchased a used 05 C90. It handles ok, but I noticed the tires seem really loud on asphalt. I decided to do a little tire research online. Sure enough, my tires say "MADE IN BRAZIL" NOT "MADE IN GERMANY". There is about 90% tread remaining, but already showing cracks in the side walls. This 3 year old bike has 20K miles on it so the tires can't be very old at 90%. Better safe than sorry so I guess I have to go tire shopping. Thanks Metzeler!

Biker in SA from San Antonio, TX

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Metzler 180-60-16RR (For Goldwing 1800)

May 28, 2008
Doing 70 mph and the rear tire came apart. Separation at the juncture of the side to the base. Very scarry. Tire had about 3000 miles usage. Would like to know more about the problems with the production. The tire has printed on the side "made in Germany". Is this true or is it produced in Brazil?

Rick Dutton from Florida, USA

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Metzler me88

May 19, 2008
My first set of Metzlers were on a 100 inch pro street drag bike. Comp K rear and Laser front. Great tires. This said I thought I would try them on my Bagger.
First set got 3 golf ball size goiters in the side wall. Almost went down at high speed.
Dumped them and swore never again. 3 years and another Bagger later my friend kept telling me how great they were so I bought set two.
This time I was not as lucky, went down in the rain on a mild curve. Turns out the fine people at Metzler farm out of their tires to Brazil. Think twice before you buy them and make sure you don't get burned like I did twice.

Check FOT the point of origin on the tire.
P.S. This is the tiniest print on the tire.


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