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Metzeler Marathon 880s

July 10, 2007
I just replaced the Dunlap tires on my Road Star with Metzelers..... The difference in the bike's handling and responsiveness is nothing short of astonishing. In a word, Wow!!

Al in New York from USA

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Overall: 5 star rating

880 all day

May 30, 2007
I ride an 02 softail, my 880s have 19,000 on them,I am replacing them this year because the tires are starting to crack...bought them in 03...great performing tires...not bad in the rain within reason

Mr.HD from rochester ny

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Twisties are fun

May 29, 2007
I have used these tires on my GL1500 & GL1200 I live on 15 miles fo twisty mountain rodes and they allow me to run as hard as I wish with no hint of slipping.I ran donlops on the bike once but couldn"t wait to get them off. The only down side is I go thru 2 sets a year that 15000 miles

Aaron from California

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ME 880 and Vstar 650

April 20, 2007
I replaced my original factory tires at 8000 miles, Dunlop 404's, with Metzler ME 880's. I'm pushing 26,000+ miles on the bike and there is still tread left. I'm getting ready to replace these, this spring, with another set of ME 880's.

Rich from Tyngsboro, MA

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Intruder 1500

April 02, 2007
I'm just now replacing front and rear with the 880 after about 9500 miles. The tread looks pretty good but there is some severe cupping on the front. I've heard there were problems with these tires but haven't experienced them (yet). Head and shoulders over the stock Dunlops especially in the corners!

Tom from New York

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ME 880

March 14, 2007
I bought this rear tire for my 94 Heritage Softail last summer. It's now March and I need a new one. My fault from spinning the tires too much but the rubber is now gone. I can tell you though, even with the rubber gone, I can still take corners like nobodys business and I feel as safe riding down the highway at 80 mph as I did when I bought them. No squirlies, no slippage, no grabbing the lines in the road. I'm buying both front and back ME 880's tommorow for the new riding season !

Filthy Phil from Sacramento, Ca

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ME880 on GS850

February 18, 2007
I've run two sets of these tires through on my 850, for a total of about 36000km between the two sets.

The traction in wet weather and cold weather is amazing. I've riddern in 2-3 inches of water at about 60kmph+ and had no problems . wet pavement at high speed is great also (assuming you dont turn sharply).

Although the traction has been adequate in the twisties, I will be trying the Lazertecs as my style is more aggressive than before and i dont feel 100% comfortable when leaning all the way.

POOT from Toronto, ON

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A little slick, but long lasting!

July 25, 2006
These came stock on my '04 BMW Montauk. They seem a bit slippery, but I have never gone down while using them, and I ride pretty hard in the twistys. Have 9,000 miles so far, and they look to be good for at least another 3 or 4 thousand miles. The front may be good for longer than that.

Fast Ed from Elmira, NY, USA

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On a 96 750 Virago

May 19, 2006
I tried to get the OEM F17 and K425 but the store didn't have the F17. He suggested that I go with Me880. Got it installed and rode home on a paved road with gravels all over at a 90 degree corner. Boy, what a world of difference between my old OEM and this tire. The rubber just grip the pavement. Didn't feel any gravel at all. I have to remind myself not to turn too sharp. Afterall, it's a Virago not a sports bike.

Prany from Oronoco, MN

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