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ZX-14 TIRE (O.E. BT-014)

July 01, 2009
The 014 handles well enough, but the torque of the big kawasaki is is just to much to get any tread life..needs a better quality tire..I'm using avon storm st's now and they seem to be the magic carpet my zx-14 needed..they handle great at 8/10 (my street limit), have lots of rubber(8/32) and at 5k looks like they'll go 8k miles safely..

Dyno Doug from OHIO

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ZX 14

June 30, 2009
Most of my riding is fast highway mileage. The 014 has great feel. but a short life, 3500 kms. I'm on the second rear now and the front still looks good. Am thinking about the Milchelin Pilot Powers or Pirelli Diablo as a replacement.

I W from Canada

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June 29, 2009
I am on my second back tire and first front with 5000 km on the clock. The 014 are a good tire but wear too quickly, only 3500 km on the first back tire. All highway mileage, mostly high speed. Looking forward to a set of Pilot Powers at next tire change.

Ninja Newfie from Nl. Canada

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BTO - 14 street tire

June 05, 2008
I have used the tires recently on my dads 2003 zrx 1200 they provide ok grip for most riding but will tend to push the front entering hard mountain corners and watching him riding I noticed him leaving rubber marks after exiting every turn overall they're good tires grip wise but milage isn't so hot expect 2,500 for rear 4,500 for front.

sean from middle, GA

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Could not believe it ,from NC

May 10, 2008
I too am the owner of a ZX-14 and these tires only provided 2500 miles of fun!

Anonymous from Anytown, AT 55555

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Sticky like bubble gum but last no time

November 19, 2007
These 014's were O.E.M. on my big bad Ninja ZX-14.
They stick like glue but the rear only lasted 2700 miles. I've only had the bike 6 weeks and hate to think I'll have to re-tire it this much. I don't do stupid things like burnouts just aggressive cornering. It is a Superbike brute but I still expected 4-5K wearout on any tire, I'm dissapointed.

Tease from Texas

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Very Sticky

November 12, 2006
These came stock on my '06 GSX-R600 and I've put 1500 miles on them. I tend to attack corners aggressively and have no complaints about the traction these tires provide. My only complaint is that they're profile tended to flatten out but with the number of highway miles I have to traverse I suppose that should be expected.

Pat from Charleston, IL USA

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July 21, 2006
I ride a SV1000s fairly aggressively on the street. I decided to try the 14's as a replacement for the stock PilotSports. After 300 miles I can say grip has been very good, no sliding and no unusual handling characteristics. Wear has been typical for a supersport tire with some rounding of the tread edges and no cold tearing. These tires warm up quickly. Wear seems to be a bit better than the pilots, but only slightly. A literbike should get 3.5-4K out of this tire, 600's even more. Great replacement tire for the money, I would recomend this tire for any sport bike.

Andrew from Lebanon, TN

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