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Good, but very short lived

May 29, 2008
After looking for a different tire on my 2007 ZX 14 I tried the Michelin Pilot sport and must say the bike handeld extremely well on the street. Cornering was very stable without the tire sliding and very stable in high speeds, 280 km/h plus (175 mph. The downfall, lasted only for 3500 km / 1900 miles. Not sure what to do next?

Andreas from Calgary, Canada

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Pilot Sport

July 21, 2006
This was the OEM tire on my 03 SV1000s. I ride fairly aggressively on the street using all the corning clearance the bike allows on occasion. The profile is pretty tame so turn in is very predictable, grip is very good so sliding should never be an issue at street speeds. You can have confidence in this tire. The tire is priced on the higher end of the spectrum but usually can be found cheaper than pirelli/metzeler. Expect quick wear, around 3K for literbikes and more for 600's, but thats a typical trade off for a tire with this sort of grip.

Andrew from Lebanon, TN

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