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Great tire

September 04, 2010
I have a pilot power on front of kawi zr750 an bridgestone bt020 on back. This has been the ideal setup for me for 80/20 curve/highway riding. I have gotten 4000 miles so far and should get about 2000 more. They get great traction and milage. pilot not needed for rear tire on motorcycle with only 80 hp and wears to fast.

RjasonC from Rocky mount NC

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Not strong enough

May 06, 2010
I bought a set of these tires last season for my 2005 suzuki katana 600. The grip on them is good but I recently just found a puncture hole in the rear tire. After I checked the tire out I found at least 3 more punctures in them. I know a flat tire happens but 4 holes. And it wasnt like a nail was sticking out of them. The front tire is also cupping more then I would like. And both the front and the back flat spot in the middle more then I would like. Its just a little upsetting that I have to junk a tire that has 1000 miles on it because it couldn't hold up to a couple of stones or whatever punctured the tires.

josh from western N.Y.

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Pilot power street / track tire

June 05, 2008
I have used several pairs of the pilot powers and have to say I'm very pleased I ride a 2004 GSXR 750 that I mostly ride on the track. These tires provide decent grip up to very fast track speeds I ride in advanced group and just recently went to a full race tire. They also handle very good in the rain and wet conditions even mountain riding. I would recommend this tire for someone who wants a tire that's going to stick for aggressive riding. Milage wise I got almost 4250 out of a set one time that was about 2 dry track days 3 rain track days and the rest mountain riding. They have some tread left in the middle but the front became very cupped and all the tread on the rear's edges was gone.
They will also wear out much quicker with 2 up riding. I went to the mountains with my girl and trashed a slightly used set in 3 day's of knee dragging with a passenger and the edges were gone.

sean from middle ,GA

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Yamaha R1 2005

May 17, 2007
Just bought this tire as a replacement for the OEM Dunlop on my R1. I can feel the difference already. Obviously my tire was balding, but I remember when the tire was in better shape and this tire feels just alot better. I feel alot more confident. I am not a racer, never hit the track. I do wheelies every once in a while. I would say that I would have to agree with all of my other friends and say that this is the best street tire on the market. I have ridden bikes with other tires too. I remember liking the Avon as well. I'm looking forward to putting the front one on for a matched set. I hate mix-matched tires for some reason. Anyhow, hope this helps. By the way, my stock tire has about 1800 miles on it, the Dunlop, and it is bald. I do not do burnouts either. I'm hoping to get more than 1800 miles on these ones! :)

I P Freely from Chicano, IL

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Great tire

August 30, 2006
I've put two sets of these on my CBR600F4i and loved them. They stick great after a little warm up time and feel great. Front tire was replaced at 8000 and still had maybe another 1000 in it, rears lasted almost 6000 commuting and sport touring. Currently my favorite tire, just wish they would last a little bit longer.

Morgan from Monterey, CA USA

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Pilot power

July 27, 2006
I've used this tire on a 03 cbr600rr. This is a quick steering street tire with a great level of grip. Warm up is very quick and the tire feels great on it's edge, very confident. The wear isn't great, no real suprise there. Definately recommended for aggressive street/track day riders. Price is a bit on the high end which is normal for michelin products, the quality is there so you get what you pay for.

Andrew from Lebanon TN

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