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Good wear, somewhat square

May 07, 2011
Stock tire on my 2007 Sporty 1200R ... about to mount my third one, with a Michelin Commander in there as well. I seem to get 7500-10K miles from these; one reason I buy them is that they are made in Buffalo, NY.

The profile is a bit square compared to the Michelin, which handled slightly better - but the Dunlop is a perfectly fine tire.

Mac from Stumptown USA

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I like 'em

May 19, 2010
I like the Dunlop 401 on the rear of my '08 Heritage. I've got a little over 22.300 miles on my bike. I changed my first rear 401 at about 12.500 mi. only because the innertube valve stem rusted through. The repair guy said that I could get another thousand out of it but I wanted to cut labor cost by replacing it then. The rear tire now looks like it will hold up till my 25k service, and I have rode alot more two up with it.
My front is a Dunlop 402 and it is going strong, I don't think that I'll have to change it till my 30k service or after. They seem to handle well also.

Greg C. from Marion, IN

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Rear tire, 150/80B16 on Harley

October 09, 2007
This tire is really good!!

This is not the factory tire,, from what I can tell it is identical to the factory tire except it is a softer compound, which gives it a great amount of grip.

My bike is a 2004 Dyna Wide Glide. I'd say I'm an aggressive rider,, hard on the tires. I dont do many burnouts, if any they are when the tire is almost bald anyway, But I do like to ride these curvy, hilly, 2-lane highways in Missouri faster than I probably should. I end up scraping my bootheels a lot and this tire has never made me feel uncomfortable in a curve.

I ride mostly solo, although the ol lady does hop on now and again, and I report no issues riding 2 up.

The only reason this tire gets 4 not 5 stars from me is that it wears quickly. That will bother some,, personally,, I prefer a soft tire that wears quickly but provides lots of grip,, to a harder but longer lasting tire

The tire has about 7500 miles on it and is just about to hit those little wear indicators in-between the tread. Even at this state of wear,, I still feel solid in the turns as well as secure on the interstate cruising at 80(or higher)

Matt from an hour outside St. Louis, MO

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