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August 06, 2014
Put a front Lasertec on my W800 in May ago and a rear in June. (It's now August.) They grip well in wet or dry, and handle very nicely with neutral feel. Downsides - expensive for a basic tyre, the front tramlines badly on tar edges etc and the rear can slide a bit. Very controllable but it breaks loose sooner than I would have expected. The front is down to the wear bars at 3500 kilometres, the rear doing fine at 2000.

The wear in the front has been drastic after the 2500km point at which stage it still looked as new, and it had the appearance of being a long-lasting tyre. Pressures are correct and most of the riding has been B road touring, not highway or commuting. This is a light bike and even the racing-rubber Dunlop TT100 GP tyres that are OEM (and wear quickly due to the soft compound) lasted an average of 8000km on the front. So, not at all happy given the cost as at that wear rate I would be going through 6 fronts in an average year on that bike.

DAve from South Australia

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Lasertec review

June 11, 2012
Hello there,

I just want to give short comment on my tires. My honda vf1000f sc19 really feels good with these tyres. Rain, dust or hot pavement they don't mind always had a secure grip. Now they are worn after 11.000km but I will buy the same again.

Pascal Driessen from Kerkrade, Netherlands

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Great tires for bmw k75s

May 15, 2012
I bought a used bmw k75s about a month ago, and it came with an unmounted set of new metzeler lasertec tires (which I had mounted immediately.) They broke in quickly, 100 - 200 miles. This is one of three tires recommended in the owners manual, and they seem to suit this bike extremely well. I don't know how long they'll last, but I'm very happy with the traction, handling, and cornering grip of these tires.

Roland M. from Colorado

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Horrible tires

April 16, 2012
Read some good reviews on these tires lasting near 15k miles. decided to try them on my klr-650. It's a very light bike and I use it only on paved roads as a commuter so figured I should be able to get 15k no problem. Wrong!! Rear is almost bald at just over 3k. This is the absolute worst life out of a tire I've ever had. Gonna have to go back to shelling out more money upfront for avon distanzia's again...got over 14k out of my last set of those...pay 50 percent more but they'll last 4x as long.

Lucius from Hesston, KS

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March 13, 2012
I m on my fourth set on my triumph bonneville. I get about 11,000km s from a rear and a bit more from the front, so they last well. I ride the bike hard and drag the pegs on corners and they have never lost traction. They also have a retro look, that suits the bike. To anyone that suffered a slip with these on, I'd suspect oil on the road or some other culprit, rather than the tyre.

Welshrob from Brisbane, Aus.

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Crap tyres

September 03, 2011
I used to have macadams on my bike, Unfortunately macadams are obsolete. So the tyre shop in their weird wisdom recommended and put the metzler lasertec on front and rear. Never again, the hard compound in the tyres mean they take a while to warm up and are no good for cornering. My bike slid under me when taking a corner, luckily I was unhurt. After asking around, I found many others have had similar problems and stated that they are no good for gripping the road on corners/bends. I will never buy them again.

Susanna from Perth Australia

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Finally had it

January 31, 2011
Finally got metzler to replace dry rotted tire, the tire they shipped lasted (1) season, I took a couple short weekend trips. probably could say average usage. tire was laser tec 110-80-18. Will never buy laser tec again. though I`m satisfied with marathon 880 rear tire.

wade futey from west virginia

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Failed Metzelers

April 09, 2010
Been using Metzeler 880s on my last two Gold Wings and was happy until last May. I've had two..count 'em, two..rear Metzeler 880s fail..one in May 09 and one in August 09. Both tires had the tread peel off. Metzeler customer relations blew me off, said it was the shop mounting the tires fault, the shop said it was a Metzeler problem. I've bought my LAST Metzeler.

John Lee from Dunnellon FL

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Lasertec's rock!

March 05, 2010
I've got a 90/90-21 and 120/90-18 on my drz-s and I just did a track day at a local track. These tires stick like crazy! All the other motards there kept coming over and asking what tires I was running and were surprised that I wasn't running 17" wheels and normal 'tard tires. I pushed these tires HARD, and they just kept sticking. Bottom line, these tires rock! especially for anyone out there running a "sportsman" supermoto set-up on a dirt bike.

andy gilliland from san antonio, tx USA

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Dry rot

July 02, 2009
I bought a new laser- tec last May, when I got the bike out in March and was cleaning the wheels I noticed that it was totally dry rotted all the way around on both sides. I contacted Phil in customer service numerous times to no avail. I bought the tire from Donalson cycle via mail, so they say it is Metzlers problem and Metzler says it`s Donalson`s problem. Raspberries to Metzler and Donalson.

Wade Futey from West Virginia

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Metzler RoadTec

June 10, 2009
Honest Sport Touring on a ST1300

Just shy of 20K on the odometer and I just hung my second set of Metzler RoadTec Z6's on the axles. Honda supplied 2005 ST1300's with Bridgestones and I "thought" the originals were satisfactory. Was I wrong! The first replacement Metzlers literally made the bike come alive.

Incredible dry handling, NEVER a problem with loads & 2-up, superior confidence during August thunderstorms with hail, comfortable ride in late October (aka..., freezing cold) temperatures right out of the garage...., what more could you desire besides mileage?

How does over 11K sound? Miles, most of 'em with a passenger, agressive "country highway" sport touring, mounted on a bike not known for it's "lean" profile and never a day away from the next summer storm. Now you know why I just mounted the second pair of these great performing tires.

The Techies have developed "new & improved" rubber but with closeout pricing for these Metzlers at most online retailers, you'll never spend a better $105.00 for a rear tire!

Yep, there are probably better tires out there but when you combine handling+miles+comfort+confidence...., this non-professional, wifelovestoride, realworld, public highway driver, lifetime rider wouldn't even consider another contact with the concrete.

Live to ride!

T Lee from Green Bay, WI USA

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These tires came stock on my 08 triumph bonneville

March 31, 2009
Great tire, what else can I say. Great traction on wet or dry roads. They do wear quick but I agree with Matt from an hour outside St. Louis, MO. I would also rather have a soft sticky tire than a hard one. You might get better wear with a harder tire but not worth the increase in odds to wipe out.

TON UP JOE from Jefferson township,PA

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Buying my second set.

December 31, 2008
Bought the Lazertech set for my older GS 750. I do a lot of hwy riding, long trips, etc... and these tires are never a concern. The only time I think about them is when the conditions get bad, or when riding through turning twisting roads. That's when it is obvious I made the right choice. These tires slice through the rain downpours in Mobile, Al, and really stick to the turns in the N Georgia mountains. They do wear rather quickly, mostly due to the soft compund. And cost a few dollars more than most. Wouldn't recommend riding these tires on a gravel rd, they would go quickly...

Ran across this site while shopping for my second rear tire, and will purchase today. The front is good for another season, but will probably buy another "set" next year. Bottom line; Great tire. Rear good for one season, front good for two.

David from Atlanta, Ga

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R1200C + front lasertecs

March 14, 2008
I am sure that many riding forums deal with the tire question BUT I replaced a metzleler with the upgraded lasertec and have found it to be a serious sporting tire, a cut above the last metzeler. The BMW R1200C is a sport-cruiser. Mine has an upgraded bitubo front end so it is far more responsive than an average BMW (which stock, is already pretty damned nice).

Short story is the lasertec conveys tons of road information, is terribly sticky with the most aggressive riding I can dish out. Since I'm on the wet coast (BC) I do significant wet asphalt riding. Lasertecs? With my abs I never doubt them. I am always going to be the weakest link. They seem to wear just fine... especially close to the side-wall, where we love to be.

ps. if you are from metzeler's marketing dept...I would be happy to take some free swag... in the form of a few more lasertecs

david from BC, Canada

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Lastertecs aren't all that

January 23, 2008
I purchased a pair of these tires and the rear didn't last at all. I only got half a season (about 2000 miles) out of the rear. They're over priced and not worth it. The front on the other hand is holding up just fine.

O another thing the front tire had developed a slash on the sidewall 100 miles in. It was almost an 1/8" deep by 4" long! And I'm not a bar brawler so no enemies of mine did it. Luckily I bought it from a dealer and they replaced it at no additional cost.

In conclusion buy the Macadams if you ride an Airhead BMW.

Steen from St. Paul, MN USA

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Overall: 2 star rating

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