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Not much mileage for the $$

February 18, 2016
Been riding scooters for about 55 years. Every type. Dirt, motocross, street, metric and domestic. First Harley is 2003 Road King Classic. Beautiful ride. Lots of chrome. The problem is LOTS OF TIRES! Got 19000 miles on bike right now. Front Dunlop that came on bike will rot before it wears out. Back side is ready for it's third one! I take care of my rides.

I still have a 1978 Honda CB400TII that I bought new that still has it's original tires. I have a 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage with 119,000 miles and still runs fine. Michelin tires. Good oil and proper maintenance to car and tires. Same with my bikes. Why can't I get any mileage out of my Harley's REAR tires? I am too old to drive crazy. Smooth starts, stops, and about 70 on the highway. No dumb stuff. I've tried 404s and 402s. Junk on rear. Going to try Michelin. Got 92000 miles on a set on my PICKUP!

Dallas Alford from Amarillo, Texas

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Traction: 3 star rating Mileage: 1 star rating Overall: 2 star rating

It's not a race tire

January 17, 2016
I get between 8-11K on my FLHTCU. I've easily put over 500K miles on D-402's and never had a failure or issue that wasn't rider related. The tire is a good compromise of performance and longevity.
When hot, you can tip it in pretty hard and scrape the floorboards without losing traction. I wouldn't do that too often (tip it in hard that is) unless you know what you're doing because once you start loosing traction on that tire, you'd better be able to straighten it up in a HURRY.

It's not a racing tire that you can slide with progressively less grip. These reviews where people are getting 3-5K per tire are either over inflated or they have a heavier throttle hand than they think. If you're not getting over 7K on that tire, something is wrong. I think a lot of people run the tire over inflated on baggers. The tire says 40PSI cold. The manual calls for 36. I run them at 36 and check them weekly.
Overall, it's a great tire.

Trooper from FL

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Tire goes bald quick

August 14, 2015
The Dunlap tire on my 96 FLHT went bald on me at around 6k miles. Seems too soon. Also doesn't like tight turns.

Mark from PA

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Buy michelin commander 2

December 11, 2014
I was doing my studies on my Dunlop and other tires and I realize that the Michelin commander II are the best for Hartley etc...

David from California

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Traction: 5 star rating Mileage: 5 star rating Overall: 5 star rating

D402 mu85b16

August 10, 2014
Well, thanks to the great weather here in south Texas I ride my 2006 Electra Glide Ultra Classic almost daily. It seems like I just replaced the rear tire, but it has actually been about seven months now and about 5,000 miles. The rear tire is nearly bald now and I am having to replace it again. Seems like these tires should last a little longer, but there is a lot of stop and go traffic here and it gets really hot so I'm sure that affects the tread wear.

BTW, never buy tires directly from a HD shop, I paid $243 last time and found the exact same tire on Dennis Kirk for $140 so shop around. I am also not too impressed with the grip in wet weather. When it rains here, I have to take it super easy from a take off and when cornering. The rear end feels like its about to slip out from under me if I'm not too careful. Highway speeds are fine in the rain however.

All in all, I think I'll look for another brand next time.

Kevin from San Antonio

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I'll be switching to metzler

July 28, 2014
My old bike I rode 2 up and had metzlers and put over 16,000 and then sold it with plenty of tread. Bought a road king replaced both front and rear tires and 8000 miles later, I need to replace the Dunlop D402 tire again! I thought I'd get more out of it personally! The Dunlop is more quieter than the Metzler. The Dunlop seems a little more loose (squirrely) in grooved highways / freeways. I found the traction pretty good. I just wish it would have more life. I ride 2 up about 90 percent of the time. I just put it in for another D402 Dunlop on the rear since I want to match the front and it has good tread still. Next time, I'll put matching set of Metzlers on. Good luck and keep on riding :)

Magoo from Reno, NV

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Decent tire

July 14, 2013
Have a 74 superglide and it is my every day driver. I have put way too many miles to count on this tire and I haven't had an issue yet got it at half tread and it has lasted the past 7 months. Doesn't seem to like super hard turns though you really have to push the bike through it unlike the metzlers but no complaints on my end.

Mitchell from NC

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402 Disapointment

November 04, 2012
I put a set of dunlors on in Aug. and put on 3000 miles my 402 back tire is slick, the front has maybe 1K left on it. I ride an 05 XL1200c. I ride 98 percent single. I am 64 and a conservative rider. Most of my riding under 60mph. I will not buy another Dunlop.

Ken Sullivan from Eucha Ok

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Tire can take a screw

May 10, 2012
My wife and I were taking a 3hour ride towards natchez trace pkwy and got off an exit to get something to eat, and lord and behold we thought we dropped something off the bike because the pop was so loud.i thought after going back and not finding anything on the ground that we had either a flat or something stuck to the rear tire because of the intermittent thump,so we pulled over and took a look and had about a quater inch screw stuck in the middle of the e3 tire.
I pulled it out and kept rolling at 80 mph for the whole 3hr ride home. I still "can't believe" that amazing tire, guess what type of tires I will be replacing those with when time comes. That's all I can say..."amazing"...must be a thick tire? Thank god.

Strmwthr from New Orleans La

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April 05, 2012
I have 2008 electra glide classic full dresser on almost completely wore out dunlop 402 tires. I have 2 thousands left on the front and 1 thousands left on the rear, and the first week I had it I was in some really bad winter conditions just trying to get home safe in a 3 hour ride north it was pouring down rain and 36 deg not counting wind chill.

I then went down my dads road up a gravel and mud hill and did not loose traction or slide at any point of my road trip. I'm not really getting the traction problems these people are having?? willy

Willy from u.s.a.

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Overall: 5 star rating

120 hp dyna likes them

March 03, 2012
Good traction wet or dry. They get slick if you park your bike for months on end. They last for a little while. Long enough for a motorcycle tire.

Vance Plumb from So. Cal

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Overall: 5 star rating

Dunlop 402 tires

January 30, 2012
I have been using the stock dunlop 402 tires on my Harley road glide and my riding is at least 3/4 2up riding.
I usually get 14,500 on my rear tire and even though the front tire has plenty of tread, I still replace and the bike handles like a new bike.
I think the main key to tread wear is how you accelerate and quick stops and of course keeping the air pressure correctly.

Jim from Woodbridge, Va 22191

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Overall: 4 star rating

Sportster biker

December 21, 2011
I have only 2000 miles on a 404 and it is half gone. I was shocked when I looked at it after 2 months. I ride to work and have not put any hard riding on this tire. I will not buy another one.

daniel little from alabama

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Harley rider

December 02, 2011
I ride a 2007 harley ultra classic. I stick with the harley dunlap tire. My rear tire always has to be replaced around 7500 miles. The same brand front tire seams to never wear out and I replace it due to time and precaution. To me, they hold the road well and I have never had a problem while traveling on them.

chris from southeast texas

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Dunlop tires

November 21, 2011
These tires seem OK in the dry, you get them on a wet and greasy road then it's like riding on ice. I've stacked my fat bob twice now, doing 30mph breaked and the bike just slid from underneath me? doing 20 round a corner and the back end went? I'm changing since talking to other riders they seem to agree dunlops just don't grip that well in the wet.

NM from UK

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Overall: 1 star rating

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