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Not for the daily rider

August 28, 2011
Ive got a 03 Dyna. The truth is 7k on a rear is about all you are going to get. These tires have a soft compound but do not do well with heavy breaking in wet conditions. You have to keep conditioner on the tires to keep them from cracking. Tire pressure is going to be a must and weekly. For the guys that ride every day and all year. These tires will not do as well as some other brands. Im 40 have been riding for over 15 years. My advice is look for a harder compound for higher mileage, hotter weater and heavier bikes. Be ready to not hit the curves as hard. Hope this helps .

Phil from Greensboro N.C. US

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Crappy 402 tires

June 01, 2011
Could hardly get 8000 miles on rear wheel. Just put a 491 elite 3 2day for a try.

zapp from n.b canada

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Overall: 1 star rating

Never get past 6000 miles

May 15, 2011
I own a 94 FLH which I have installed a 05 swingarm onto. Even before I did this I could never get two seasons out of any type of Dunlop. The reasonI changed out the swingarm was I would wear out a set of rears at about 4-5000 miles becuase of the worn out bushings and wanted the 1 inch bearings in the wheels. I have used Avons with the same result.

Thomas Doran from Canada

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February 24, 2011
I have a 07 street glide with 10,800 miles I ride two up most of the time I am getting ready to replace my rear tire again I am lucky to get 5000 to 6000 miles out of a rear tire does anyone have any suggestions.

Jeff from MO.

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January 29, 2011
Front tire has 12,000 miles on it and its junk 2008 cvo will never buy these tires. Its choppy and this year was prone to it. Think I will get a free replacement right. p.s I keep my tire p on the mark so don`t go there.

ralph from usa

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Honolulu rider

December 24, 2010
I just purchased another Dunlop 402 rear tire. I had this tire on my bike for 18 months and put 17,000 miles on without any problems. There was tread left on the tire but it was getting close to the wear indicator so I replaced it. This will be my third Dunlop 402 rear tire, the first getting over 18,000 miles wear and that was with two up riding. The tire also handles very well in wet weather.

ckal from Honolulu Hawaii

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Average mileage

May 31, 2010
6000 miles stops my rear 07 ultra rode 2 up would love to ride with the guy from St Paul since he is only 300 miles away from me, I would be very happy to get 3 oil changes on a rear tire thats 9000 miles and still half of what he gets please help me.

Jim from sd

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Good grip low mileage

May 20, 2010
I consider myself a fairly conservative rider. Sure I like to twist on the throttle a little bit sometimes but I don't get crazy with it. This was stock tire on my 08 Softail. No problem with handling or traction but only 7500 miles and getting ready for a 1000 mile round trip. Just checking everything out and center of rear tire is almost worn slick. Looking for other options.

Bill from Jackson, TN

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Good front tire

May 19, 2010
After 22,300 miles on the stock front(Dunlop 402) tire of my Heritage it looks like I can go till my 30,000 service before I'll even think about changing it.
I get an average of about 12,500 miles on the rear Dunlop 401, as it looks like I won't have to put the third one on till my 25k service.
They handle good---I can't complain.

Greg C. from Marion, IN

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April 02, 2010
I got a new set of Dunlops for my 99 electra glide classic in sept 09...I was washing my bike today and noticed how bald the back tire was...I was kinda shocked..it was really bald...only 6ooo miles on the tires...what gives?..should I try another?...I dont ride hard...

mark phillips from Nectar, Alabama

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Better than expected

March 29, 2010
I run the stock Dunlop 402's, front and back. Got 19,000 out of the back and am going to change the front so I have fresh rubber at 30,000+
This is on a 08 Ultra Classic. I believe that the manner of riding has a huge impact on the life of a motorcycle tire. I have nothing to prove so I don't pretend I'm at a drag race everytime I take off from a stop light.

Hogdreamer from St Paul, MN

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Mileage difference?

March 13, 2010
I am now riding a 07 street glide and run the Dunlop 402s . I cannot complain about the traction as they seem to do well in all weather conditions. Before the Glide I rhode a 95 Fat boy which I traded at 138k. I have never got more then 8000 miles out of a rear tire either bike and normal on the front both bikes is about 13000. I do not understand how folks talk about getting 20 thousand 30 etc? At 8000 miles you cannot see where the tread used to be? Only thing showing now are the cords on my bike. I check my tire pressure religiously and run 38 psi front and rear. What gives?

Biker4fun from Gunnison, Co.

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I'm not impressed

March 12, 2010
Not sure if your od is broke, the most I get is 8000 miles. I do ride 2 up and hard though.

Jason from colorado

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Dunlop D402 Inconsistent Wear

February 08, 2010
2000 FLSTC, one up highway and country riding, 36 psi. First two rear tires lasted 12,500 each before hitting 2/32. This latest only went 10,000. Same bike, same riding conditions, composition of tire must have changed. I like the handling, but this accelerated wear rate is unacceptable.

Crownroom from Florida

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January 06, 2010
I have a 04 sportster (yeah a girls bike) my tires WERE Dunlops and the front tire is the worst tire i have ever seen. There are thousands and thousands of cracks about 1/2 to 1 inch long and one thats about a quarter of the way around the tire (about 12 inches). I didnt even look at the back. I can handle a back flat but a front is almost impossible to control so heres a big F U to dunlop. I recommened walking in flip flops before riding on dun lops.

Dado from Atlanta, GA

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Overall: 1 star rating

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