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Harley Davidson 402 tires

October 01, 2009
Have just worn out the second rear tire in normal open road cruising type riding and haven't turned over 11,000 miles on my Electra-Glide Standard yet. The front tire still looks like new, but the rears don't hold up. Never experienced such POOR wear characteristics EVER. Won't buy any more! Switching to Michelin.

Bernie Steinhauer from Easton, Minnesota, USA

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Works for me...

September 29, 2009
I own a 2005 Road King Custom. No chicken strips on the side, footboards ground down a bit. Replaced the rear tire at 18K, as well as the rear brake. Splitting lanes and heavy in-city traffic had me riding the rear brake.
Sitting on 28K miles on the front tire and 10K on the new rear and no sign of wear at all.
I run 36 psi front, 38 psi rear. I got a free nitrogen fill, so I haven't done anything to the tires since the 18K mark.

Ian from Dixon, CA

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Tire pressure very important.

September 05, 2009
I have been on some kind of Harley since 1975 and have had most of all the different problems you always hear about. But after time Harley has developed a good cycle, tires are the same. Perventive maintance is the key to the life of your tire as well as most any other thing. I have run Dunlop series 401, 402 and have had good long life and very little problems. Touring bike I have 30k on front and 15k on the back.

Jon Lepicier from Sulligent,Alabama

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Dunlop Bad Service

September 03, 2009
After reading a few other reviews on Dunlop tires, it seems that they are not the most reliable tires. I suffered a slow puncture on my Harley XR1200, and after chasing after Dunlop for a replacement, ended up replacing it with a Michelin.
No regrets.

XRRider from South Africa

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Don't use them

August 24, 2009
Had these on a sportster that cme my way.

Aside from the sidewall splitting on my rear Dunlop (potentially lethal), they were wooden and lost grip easily if pushed. These tyres also made braking a constant guess as to what point a wheel might lock or get out of shape. They also don't handle well at all.

What's the point in a tyre that lasts for ages, if all the time it's with you it's holding back your rides.

Changed out for a pair of Avon's, and it's like night and day. The bike turned and tracked better, braking improved too.

Fine, Avons don't have a Harley logo on them, but who cares if they're that good.

Gav from UK

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Less than 7,000 miles on Dunlop tires

August 13, 2009
The stock tires on my 2008 Softail Custom started to go bald around 7,000 miles. I check the pressure about twice a week. During my 5,000 mile check-up I was told by a tech. that I will need to replace my back tire soon. I WAS SHOCKED TO SAY THE LEAST! At 7,000 miles the rear tire wear marks had vanished and the front tire was cupping. I now have two tires to replace. Thanks for nothing Dunlop!

I would never tell any Harley owner to get a replacement set of Dunlops!

I just can't beleave a 10,000 to 12,000 mile motorcycle tires is to much to ask for when car tires run 50,000 plus.

I'm shopping for Metzler 880's or Avon Venoms after reading alot of reviews.

J. Dutton from Erie, PA USA

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July 01, 2009
I have a 2002 fxdxt and have currently just over 70,000 miles on it. Have only had to replace the rear tire twice. I had a 2001 fxdxt that I put 39.000 mile on it the 1st year and replaced the rear tire at 22,000 miles ( due to a nail in it )
I ride year round ( rain and snow included) and these tires are the only one I will ever put on my Harley

Wild Man from Ca

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Good luck with Dunlops

June 08, 2009
I don't understand all the variations in mileage in these reviews. I had a 92 FXR that I put over 17k on the first set and they still had decent amount of tread. sold it with about 15k on 2nd set and they still looked good. Bought a new 06 Road King std and replaced the tires at 18k. Front coulda gone 30k but rear was basically bald. I don't watch wear bars, just tread. I'll stick with Dunlops.

Dave from Covington, WA

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Very sorry tires

May 26, 2009
I own a 2007 sporster 1200. I purchased the bike in 2006 when it hit the show room floor. It is the first harley I have owned. I am use to riding street bikes. I have almost 13000 miles on theses tires and they are almost bald. Most of my ride is back and forth to work about 13 miles each way. I have asked fellow harley riders in my area and they tell me they got between 10k and 12k on their stock harley tires. After reading the reviews it seems that bike tires definetly aren't designed to last. However these are just total crap. Can't believe harley would opt to put such junk on their bikes. I think pirelli has the best reviews on here so I might try those. I don't recall going through tires so quick on my ninja.


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May 19, 2009
I have been riding Harleys since 1972 and have never run into this; 3/09 I traded in for an '09 Heritage. I love to ride so I put quite a few miles on. 5/12/09 I ride with a friend to get his 5000 mi service work done on his '09 Deluxe. When the service guy comes out to check his rear tire I notice that mine looks worn and so I ask to have mine checked too. He has 2/32 and has a new Dunlop put on. I have 2/32 in the center and 4/32 on the edges. He has 5,500 on his bike and I have 3,550 on mine. We are both diligent about running proper pressure (his checked 38, mine 37). We do ride in the hill country of Texas, mostly on blacktop, curvey roads, but the center is worn not the edges! What the heck is going on? I can't buy a new rear tire every 2-3 months!

Frank Ondrovik DVM from Utopia,TX

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Low Milage Dunlops

May 18, 2009
I had a '99 Road King (70,000 miles on it when I sold it), around 5500 miles on the 402 Rear tire before I became nervous in the rain. I tried a Maxxis, big mistake! Bad handling after a few miles and where difficult to break down. I did get 6000 miles on that tire. I now have an '04 Road King, I admit, I don't ride this one as hard as I did the '99. Both bikes daily commuters and at least one road trip a summer. The '04 has just over 8000mi and it is bald. Also, I put nitrogen in the tires on the '04. Never had a quality or handling issue, just low millage on rear tire.

K Capps from West, Tn USA

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Gotta Keep Them Aired Up Dudes!

May 07, 2009
I've been riding on Dunlops since '99 and have logged a total of 93,000 miles on a new rear tire every other year on a RoadKing that thinks it's an Ultra with all the bags & fairings weight.
The best advise I can give is run 40 lbs in the rear and 38 in the front. Go with the heavy rated H-77 type 402 in the rear and the H-72 is fine on the front. I ride daily in the spring-summer-fall here in Washington State and get at least a one to two week motorcycle vacation trip in a year. They have performed excellent for me.

BigPapaRoadKing from Seattle Area

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Runnin Hard

April 10, 2009
I own a 2003 Softail, and am running D402 on the Rear. Now I am known to do the occasional smoke show, and usually ride 1 up and pretty Fast even through the twisties. I'm at 17k on the bike, just over 8K per tire. I have complete confidence in this tire.

Anonymous from CA

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Dunlop D402's

March 22, 2009
After reading the past and present reviews on this tire, its apparent that it is not favored to well by most.Myself, I got 1 season on a rear D402 on my 96 Fatboy.That equates to 10,000 kms.( 6250 mi.)Starting this season with 3/32 of legal rubber. 2/32 is take off time. The tire comes new at 9/32 on an MT90-16, so do the math. 2up riding for half of last season with camping trips and all. The weight factor definitely played a big part. I don't worry too much about the front wearing. They usually get twice or more mileage than rear anyhow. The MU85-16 comes with 11/32 but too wide for the wishbone.I dunno, maybe I'll try Maxxis for a season to compare.

Bob T from Okanagan Valley Canada

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Dunlop tires-D402F-HD--mt90b-16 72h

March 14, 2009
I've got a 03 Road King Classic. Have had Dunlops since new. Got about 55,000 miles on bike, mainly commuting. Used to get 13000 rear-36000 front, then the riding was mainly on asphalt. Now I'm getting 7000-8000 rear 16000 front due to the highways have changed to new construction concrete w/rain grooves. Really eats up tires. Dunlops are really getting expensive with changing at least one a year, this year two. I'm going to try Maxxis bias-ply and see how my mileage is.

Buddy S. from Houston,Texas

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