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Dunlop D-402F & D402

February 25, 2009
07 Ultra, best yet is just under 12,000 miles on rear tire. The front still going strong 28,000 plus miles. Going to need one soon.

Gy Wimer from Clear Brook,Va.

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Overall: 4 star rating

Good tires

February 02, 2009
Got an 03 Road king first set I got 13000 on the rear and close to 18000 on the front, pull a tent trailer and still got about 8000 on the rear tried Avons that were recommended didnt do nearly as good ill stick with what came with the bike

Joe from Spokane Wa usa

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Dunlop 402 wwwI

January 22, 2009
I have run dunlop for years.Had a 92 electrica glide sport and I got around 12000 on the back and 23000 on front. I have a 99 rk and only get 7000 to 8000 on dthe rear and25000 plus front. I would love to find a touring tire capable of more miles, but metzler gets bad reviews and I've used avon and do not like them. They are noisy and one day they are slightly worn and the next day you see these scary worn to the cord holes on them. Guess I'll stay with dunlope till something better comes along.


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December 17, 2008
I ride about 12,000 miles per year on my 2001 Road King. I have never gotten over 5,000 miles on any Dunlop rear tire. And that is right down to almost bald. I usually ride 2 up and don't consider myself a speed demon or ride my brakes.

siqua from Eagle Rock, MO

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Longest wear yet

December 09, 2008
I have over 12.5K on stock set of Dunlops 402's on Ultra Classic. I believe the rear will be around 15K at replacement. Bike is 5 mo old. Big road trip summer 08 (5500 Miles). I have done a lot of personal tire testing and average 10k on rear and 20k front like many other Dunlop owners. Other brands range from 5-8K before replacement.

Anonymous from arkansas

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Good Handling but Poor Wearing

November 20, 2008
I'm only my second 402, for my 2006 FLHTCI (just over 10,000 miles on the bike). I'm a 1up and primarily ride for commuting and some joy riding. I understand Dunny needs to make a profit, but come on... 5K miles on a rear tire at ~$120/tire. I'm looking at other options now that my front is within 3/32 of needing replacement. Maybe Michelin or Maxxis. My neighbor put a set of Metzler 880's on his RoadKing and he wore those out faster than he wore out the 402's.

Jeff from Knoxville, TN - USA

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Not a Happy Camper

October 11, 2008
Bought a new Softail Custom with an original equipment 200/55R17 D407 (same as D402) on the rear. 90% of the time I ride 1 up; I don't push the bike hard and I use the rear brake sparingly. I have been happy with the handling characteristics of the tire, but after only 5,000 miles I am already down to the the tread wear indicators! Unfortunately options for this size tire are limited to Avon AV72 or Metzler ME880. Probably going to try the ME880.

Tommy from Montgomery, AL

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October 03, 2008
Worst tire on the market. I am a conservative biker and can tell you the rear tire should not have gone bald like it did. I do not like to be so critical but shizer man...5000 miles aint gettin it!!!
Go with michelin. You will be happy.

little john from mayberry,nc

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Great Tire

September 27, 2008
I ride an '05 FLHRCI. I average about 10K miles on the rear, and 20K+ on the front. I maintain 36-38 PSI rear, and 36 PSI front. I primarily ride 1-up, but the saddle bags are usually full o'junk. I'm not a speed-demon, and I'm not one to go heavy on the rear brake, so I guess I'm more of a mid-performance rider, using my bike both for commuting and touring. I have never had any problems with the performance or handling of this tire, and I don't hear any noise. Unless I can find something with the same quality and performance characteristics that will last longer for the same price or better, I'm sticking with these.

Thomas from Raleigh, NC

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08 Ultra Classic Fire Fighter

September 04, 2008
I have these tires on my 4 1/2 month old Ultra Classic, I ALWAYS check air pressure, My Wife rides with me 95% of the time, 14,000 miles and are Just ready to get new, YES I will go back with the same...GARY COFFEY

Gary Coffey from Versailles Ky.

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August 10, 2008
I have over 150,000 touring miles riding these big bikes, always two-up and fully loaded in all kinds of weather. I have never had a problem with handling or quality. I follow Harley's recomendation for tire pressure and I check it before each ride. I consistently get 10,000mi to a rear and 15,000 to 20,000mi on the front.
I have tried Avon and Metzler tires. Avon gave better milage (when they didn't come apart) but had quality issues, the Metzler (rear) barely went 7,000mi and cupped badly. Dunlops are usually cheaper and redily available. They work well on these bikes, that's why Harley puts their name on them.

Dave K from Portland, Oregon

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1200 custom sporster

July 24, 2008
I got 20000, on the bike and it looks like the stock tires,even bald they handle good in the rain. I am trying duro tires next.

mike c from circleville ohio

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More Miles per Smile

March 15, 2008
I bought my 06 FLSTC two years ago, Maybe I am the exception to the rule. I now have over 12K miles and the rear tire has 4/32d and the front 4/32d. of tread life left. I always run the recommended 36psi air, and check it before every ride.

Steve Bonner from NC

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No more then 8k on 402

March 04, 2008
I have never gotten more then 8k on the rear of my 02 Road King. I ride 1 up and never spin the tires. I can't get but about 9-10k on a Metzler 880. Any suggestions? I run about 38LBS of pressure in the rear. Has anybody tried Michelins? All my buddies can't get any more miles on their 402's either. They also ride Rode Kings and Heritages.


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Overall: 3 star rating

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