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2008 Kawasaki Concours 14

July 01, 2011
2008 Kawasaki Concours 14 came with Bridgestone Battlax BT021F. Front tire is cupped and worn out after 3800 miles. (The back one is like new). I would not buy these tires.

Britboyo from New York

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BT 021 Battleaxe

January 18, 2010
I recently replaced Avon Storms on my ST1300 with a set of BT021. I ride in Florida and I was surprised how little mileage I got out of the front before it was unusable. 6500 miles on the front and it's all on the edges. There was little center wear but the edges are tore up! The rear tire might make another 2K but it is cupped. I will be going back to the Michelin Pilto Road 2CT. Best tire I've had on my bike and I've had 4 sets now!

Ray from Jacksonville, FLorida

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No better than BT020's

January 14, 2010
I got 7,400 miles out of the rear with the BT020's that came with my Triumph Sprint 1050, and 7,300 miles (down to the cords in center) on the BT021 rear I replaced it with. I would have replaced it sooner except I was far from home when it wore out, so rode it all the way home. Same riding conditions - long touring rides at high speed. The dual compound BT021 offers no improved center tread wear over the BT020, and maybe worse.

Mike from Denver, CO

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BT021 stick good but wear fast

December 30, 2009
These were OEM on my 07 FJR1300. Stick well in the corners, but went through 2 sets in 8000 miles. Front tire always cups early on.

Steve from Fresno, CA

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No more 021's for me

December 17, 2009
After 90,000 miles on my Triumph Trophy 1200 I'm through with Bridgestone. The first 80,000 on 020's were fine, but then came the 021's and the front tire wore out twice as fast as the rear. The wear pattern was horrible, high in the center and concave to the sides, causing bad tip in handling. I gave them another chance with a second front tire, same results even with higher PSI. The rear is great, but I don't much want to go with mismatched tires.

Steven Tatreau from San Diego, California

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Performance is good, mileage is not

November 03, 2009
On my BMW R1150RT, I bought BT021's at my first tire change shortly before a trip to NC to enjoy the Tail of the Dragon and the Cheruhala Skyway. I really liked the performance and handling of the BT021's vs. OEM, but am very disappointed that the front wore out before 7k miles. Now I have a mismatch (went with Metzler MEZ6) until my rear BT021 needs to be replaced. Looks like low mileage is a recurring theme for BT021's.

Jeff from Chicago area

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October 26, 2009
I bought the 21's for my Buell Firebolt after replacing the stock Perelli Diablo T's. The 21's seemed to be a more stable tire that provided a more luxurious feel. I ride in Western Canada where it can be cool in the Mountains, wet and also very hot in the interior. The tires seemed to handle all these conditions very well for the first 5000 km and then less so for the next 5000 km. Handling the "twisties" I felt more confident on the 21's, which felt smoother and predictable. The only negative I have is that at only 10,000 km I think I will need to replace them next summer.

One Headlight from Banff, AB CANADA

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Best bang for bucks.

October 12, 2009
Have logged 40 thousand plus on '01 Aprilia Falco. Yes keeping rubber on it is challenge.
On second set of 021's. First set frt went away inside 8000. Rear closer to 9500. Impressed with stick and mileage except never worn frt out before rears. Original Mets. Mez3 gone 2300 .Many others tried, Mich pilot's (sets)good, Perelli Strada's.(good), Dun 207. B2021's Best combo, confidence, mileage, stick factors. Trying second set now. Minnesota in October traveling.

Falcodan from Newark Ohio

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Poor Quality

October 03, 2009
I ride a Honda ST1300, the bike came with BTO-20's. I was impressed with these tires - 10,000+ miles before the front tire required replacement. I changed both tires to BTO-21's and at 5000 miles both the front and rear tires have severe cupping and the front tire tread is pretty much worn down. I will likely switch to a different tire manufacturer.

Doug from Vancouver, BC, Canada

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A Waste of Money

June 24, 2009
I ride a Honda ST1300 and switched from the BTO20's to BTO21's thinking the new dual compound would increase the mileage per tire. I went through the front tire in less than 2700 miles while the back tire lasted over 4000 miles. I actually had the bike shop contact the distributor regarding this tire since I usually got 2 rears to a front tire. Thier response was "so sorry". I would not suggest this tire to anyone...what was supposed to be a better tire turned out to be a "Turkey"...I would go back to the BTO20's, but think I'll try a different brand...

Hans B from San Francisco, CA

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BT021 can handle the power

May 29, 2009
I have BT020 on the front and BT021 on the rear.
I've been riding for over 3000 miles on the BT021 and it is a good tire. When I got the tire it was very greasy and needed to be washed with soap and water. Ever since the break in period the tire has been great. I ride an extremely modified Bandit 1250s and the BT021 handles the power very well with good tread life.

Bandito from Minnesota

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Brigestone BT021

May 16, 2008
I travel approximately 2,000 miles a month and change tires about every four months give or take a week. I have managed to get nearly 7,000 miles from this second set of BT021's compared to 6,500 miles on the first set and will most likely continue running them until I can find slight more mileage with comparable grip at the same price.

It's all about compromise and what you need a set of tyres to do. For me the smooth ride good adhesion and 7000 miles endurance is good for four out of five stars.
Remember I live in California where cold is forty degrees and it only rains three months out of the year.

For the price these BT-021's are the best I could find and, today I mounted my third set. Also of interest the front and rear wore at the same rate, which means both tyres are changed when the time comes.

Eric from CA, USA

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