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Continental Sport Attack

October 12, 2012
2004 BMW K1200 GT. Daily commuter/weekend rides.
This is my second set, I currently have 12,000 on these tires. Mostly 60 daily I-95 miles with one (1000 mile) weekend trip the "Dragon" and back and a couple of Skyline Drive rides. Tires are great in the rain and I've never felt them slip in the corners. I obviously don't "shred" corners like some others on this site but have been riding for 25 years and routinely get over 10k out of my tires.

Mike from Virginia

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Conti RoadAttack2

September 27, 2012
Let me start by saying I've been running Conti RoadAttacks for 3-4 years now on my '01 VFR. I've always gotten 5K miles or more out them which I consider to be the mileage break point.
Last year ('11) I put a set of the RA2's on the '07 Tuono for the first time. Outstandingly grippy, even over tar snakes. Leaned over, they hold a line but don't demand extra effort to hold the bike at lean.

The RA2's appear to have a slightly more rounded radius than the the older RA's. The current set is about done at 5K but only because of rear flat-spotting. There's plenty of rubber on the sides left. I could easily see this being a 7K mile tire with more cornering and less straight-line miles.
This year I put a set on the VFR. Stunning difference to the RA's. The tires beg to be cornered and again hold a smooth line all the way over. Wet grip is as good as the older RA's which is to say very good. They just feel attached to the road. They may be a bit pricier, but they work very well for me.

Scott - VFR, Tuono from MA

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Love these tires. c model rules on bmw k12s

April 05, 2011
Love this tire on my bmw k1200s! Super stable. Excellent grip at extreme lean angles, warms up quickly, very predictable, predictable when it breaks away leaving me always feeling confident. This is a heavy tire which is great on the k12s. Previously used the metzeler m5 and I liked that tire too, except I wore out in less than 2000 miles and the front tire wore out before the rear. Love this tire, my new favorite tire for k12s. Highly recommended!

damytzeus from denver co usa

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Solid Tires !

March 14, 2010
Good manners and plenty of grip make these great tires for sport touring at a smooth and quick pace, however they under perform on acceleration which may cost you in lap times.

Although I was very happy with my previous tires (Pirelli Diablo Corsa's III) I went with the Conti's due to cost and because they seem to have implemented a lot of good ideas (like continuous compound).

The profile is smooth and turns quickly from upright, then progressively resists as you get to a steep lean angle. They tend to stand a bit when on the brakes or hard on the gas. There are no steps, i.e. lean angles where it isn't comfortable like other aggressive sports tires at medium lean angles which is really helpful at a sport - touring pace. It soaks the bumps well and is quite stable.

The tires seem to warm up incredible quick - no cold tears like the Diablos - and are very progressive with more feel. Compared to the Diablo Corsa III the front seems to be about the same or maybe just a notch down in grip when braking.

The rear will slide incredible progressively but slides much earlier than the DCIII when hard on the gas. At a steady state in the corners there's plenty of grip and feel - on par with the DCIII and in corners with bad - slick - tarmac they're even better because of the smoother profile.

For the riding I do I have to say they suit me just as well or even better than the DCIII. You have to be really greedy with the gas to expose their weakness.

John, CBR929RR from Patrai, Greece

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Love Them

September 08, 2009
I love these tires. As mentioned in other reviews these tires handle so well it produces great confidence in the corners. I want another set but wish I could get another thousand or two miles out of them. I'm at 3k miles and they are about done. I ride a VFR 800 so maybe the mileage would be better on a lighter bike.

wwpreachman from Walla Walla, WA

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Continental Sport Attack

July 06, 2009
Since my last review I've added another 2,200 miles. I've acquired new skills at California Superbike School and find that the tires stick like glue in the summer weather even though I am starting to "shred" the tires from application of throttle or trail braking while leaned over.

The tires are totally scuffed in without incident, except for a couple of incidents with unseen sand patches on the road. The front tires held without problem, the rears slid a bit but recovered easily with throttle input frozen.

Once, while leaned over 35 degrees on a highway a sudden gust of wind threatened to toss me into the guardrail. Without thinking, I immediately snapped the handlebars for the new angle (45+ degrees). The tires didn't let me down. The tire profile allows for the quick steering changes, and the rubber is tacky on the edges and denser in the center.

I've dragged my boot edges and just about my elbow with these tires on regular roads, and with proper throttle application they track a line perfectly without sliding, creeping, or wandering.

On emergency braking, they chatter a bit before letting go.

While I've ridden in a couple of thunder showers, I haven't gotten caught in a huge downpour yet. They are very good in a normal rain.

Great tires!

Grumpy Andy from New Canaan, CT

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Great All Around Sport Street Tire

June 22, 2009
I installed these tires on my wife's SV650S. She immediate notice the different on how much better her bike handled, compare to her old Bridgestone's. She said the SV650S handle like a completely different bike, even better then before.

After she told me how impress she was, I tried them out. Swapping bikes with her for a road trip, with me coming off of CBR1000 with Metzeler M3. I was completely amazed how well the Conti handle. These tires handle just as well as the M3 in turns in the mountains. These tires dips in quickly initially, as you lean more the tires progressively got more stable. Which actually made me feel more confident in the tire. At no time, did these tire give me any concerns about grip, as it never even cross my mind. As they just kept on gripping the road though the mountain roads in the German Alps without a single wiggle. When taking these tires onto the Autobahn, they were so stable up to the red line at 230kph about 140mph. There was plenty of feed back form these tires, you could feel the road conditions form the tires.

We got a taste of how well the Conti Sport Attack handle in the rain, when a passing showers hit. On wet pavement, these tires pump away allot of water, and you felt confident that you had plenty of grip in turns. Never any twitching or sliding during turns.

My wife uses the bike as her daily commuter, and these tires have shown little signs of wear with 2000km about 1200 miles on them. As her commuter, she said even cold the tires had plenty of grip, and they warmed up quite quickly. I would not be surprise if she gets close to 5-6k miles on these tires. A pure sport tire lasting 6000 miles, that is a pleasant surprise. So you can get 2 set of another sport tire to last as long as 1 set on Conti sport attack tire.

These were not very expensive as sport tires go. But these tires in my opinion are the best tire for the money. I have ridding Michelin Powers at almost twice what these tires cost, and these tires compare nose to nose with them for sport street tires. And with the tread life of the Conti Sport Attack, that makes them a winner in my book.

The Conti Sport Attack as been an amazing find, worth every cent we paid for them. They have exceeded my expectation.

Jamie from Frankfurt A.M. Germany

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Overall: 5 star rating

Conti Sport Attack

October 23, 2008
I have a set of these on my R6 and I love them. Wet and dry grip are both excelent. It warms up fast but it even has great grip cold. They inspire a lot of confience in the corners.

The tires just don't want to get upset when you work them hard. Braking, corners, high speed, the tires stay stable. It's remarkable.

When I changed from Qualifiers to these, my lap times at the local track out here improved markedly.

I've got about 1000 miles on them and there's still a ton of tread left, way more than my qualifiers had at 1000 miles.

Plus, the tread pattern is really badass looking!

Jay from Albuquerque, NM USA

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Continental Sport Attack Tires

October 13, 2008
I bought the Sport Attacks in 120/70 ZR17 and 160/60 ZR17 sizes for my Ninja 650R a couple of weeks ago and have put on a couple of hundred miles with them on the street. I am really very happy with them.

I ran them at Kawasaki's recommended pressure plus one (+1) pound--33 front and 37 rear. These tires are great. Great handing, holds extremely precise line in in curves and on straight sections. Neutral and stable on straights and curves. Extremely stable and neutral on flat throttle and on acceleration (no tendency to stand up the bike). But, they do want to stand the bike up and/or arm wrestle a bit when braking hard while leaned over (which I know I shouldn't do, but in real life sometimes opposing cagers cross the double yellow). Stable in straight line emergency stops. Tires heat up quickly, even in the wet and cold and have a soft, tacky feel. Feedback at +1 pound was excellent, good at nominal pressures.

I chance encounter with a wet leaf and wet stripes demonstrated that the Sport Attacks recover predictably from slips and slides (release agent still on tire).

I should mention that I haven't had a chance to try these tires in the tire and shock absorber torture area they call the FDR Drive in New York City. Also, I can't compare wit other brands of hyper sport tires. Maybe in the spring I'll continue with comments on handling and bump aborbtion.

I'm going to deduct one star for the slight misbehavior when braking while leaned over. Otherwise, it would be hard to make an improvement on this tire.

Grumpy Andy from New Canaan, CT, USA

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Overall: 4 star rating

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