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Nope, no title.

September 01, 2015
They deliver as advertised. They last way longer than Metzler ME880's.

John M from NYC, NY

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E-3 tires in the wet

September 17, 2014
I have about 1000 miles on some elite 3s and I was caught in a Rain storm and as I was riding about 65 miles an hour I hit a puddle of water on the low side of the lane and the rear end of my bike started to slid out from under me. It ended in a high speed wobble but I got it under control before I left the road and stopped on the shoulder of the road. I feel these tires are not that good in the rain, but great on dry pavement.

Thomas Duncan from Abilene, tx

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Gold wing for years

September 04, 2014
I ride Gold Wings. In 30 years I put 100,000 on the 1200. 50,000 on the 1500 and now 20,000 on the 1800. ALL on Dunlop tires. Currenty have the E3 and love them. Just put 10,000 on this set and they look and handle like new! Many days I have ridden over 800 miles each day with no problems. Rain or shine, wind or calm, mountains or beach they handle great. Will purchase another set when these wear out!

Dw Leaman from Rapid City, SD

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Dunlop elite 3's unsafe !!

August 19, 2014
On a return trip from Sturgis...E-3 Dunlops on my Victory Cross Country Touring...After about 3,000 miles started cupping and bike was rather squirrly going at slower, in the parking lot speeds...7,000 miles cupping got worse...Vibrations began and handle bars wood wobble at speeds of 30mph and below...

By 8,000 miles vibrations were terrible...Rubber began cracking/ripping down the tread and peeling off the chord on rear tire. Had bike towed into Mandan N.D. To bike shop...Tires both front and back were replaced with Michelin Commander 2. Love them and the Vic handles beeter than when I drove the bike off the show room floor...Screw Dunlop !!!

Marcus from Minnesota

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August 25, 2013
I bought 2006 ultra with E-3 dulops on it. Was a little apprehensive of the tread pattern for a touring bike(always had 402s). Well 10000 miles later the tread looks the same and they handle great, have noticed some tire noise but not enough to keep me from recommending or buying again.
Don't ride in rain that much but seem to have very good wet traction.

Gr from Colorado

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Security tech

May 29, 2013
Put these tires on my Valkyrie at 28000 miles and they are still going strong at 40000. Probably have another 6-8000 left in them. Best tire I've EVER put on a bike in 38 years of riding. Just bought a Goldwing and they will be put on when the OEM tires need replacement.
Haven't found any condition they can't handle.

Kingfish from Denver, NC

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Dunlop E3

September 09, 2012
I replaced my front tire a Dunlop 404 with a Dunlop E3 on my 2001 Kawasaki Voyager X11 and did a 3,122 mile trip. Tire performed flawlessly Solid, smooth on all kinds of pavement to Canada and back. Thinking of one for the rear now.

Tom Burroughs from Prescott AZ

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September 01, 2012
I have about 3000 miles on this front E3 mounted on my '96 Kaw Voyager which now shows 22,000 miles. It shook and wobbled from day one at (at) 40 mph and lower. The big name motorcycle accessory store I purchased and had it mounted at said tough st. Sorry no return. Take your problem to Dunlop. The original tire that came off this bike did not wobble at any speed. I don't feel I should have to buy a $150 dollar fork brace to mask a $125 dollar mistake of a tire. I decided to take my lumps and ride it out with two hands until I can't stand it anymore and then buy a Michilin or a Metzler.. . Buyer beware!
GOOD LUCK, one unhappy KAWBOY.. .

KAWBOY from Mid-Ohio

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Dunlop e3 feathering

June 14, 2012
I have e3 on a victory cross country. At 1600 mile I noticed I was getting some wobble in slow curves. I found the rear was feathering and checked the presser and it was still right wear the book says it should be at 40lb. I now have 2600 on it and its to the point it will walk you across the lane in a curve.not real happy about these tires looking to replace with something else.

hammer from tn

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Wouldn't use anything else!

June 10, 2012
Just had to replace my dunlop e3s on my vtx 1800 and could not be happier with this tire. Most of my riding is done two up with loaded bags and on long trips. I got an astounding 20,539 miles out of this tire! Great handling and fantastic mileage longevity! What more could you ask for.

Doug Huntley from southern US

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Great tire

April 10, 2012
I just ordered my third set of e3's bias for my Honda gl1100 goldwing. Like the first set I have the had second set on for 20 months and just shy of 17,000 miles and have 3/32th of on inch left on the rear, 4/32th on the front. I ride two up at about 1070 pounds total weight as measured by dunlop at americade.both the first and second set started to feather at about 15,000 miles and was not really noticeable till I approached 16,000 miles.

Heavy rain, dry pavement, pot holes on the cross bronx (i95), 2x4s in buffalo, light sand, truck tire rubber, assorted carcasses, light mud ontario hgwy 17, steel deck bridges, expansion joints both parallel and perpendicular to my path are all handled with pride. They just don't seem to like tar road snakes but recover quickly once you slide off.

Dan from Catskill Mountains NY

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Excelent Ride and Cornering

March 19, 2011
I am from St. Leon Manitoba Canada and bought some Elite 3"s for my 2008 Goldwing in Bemidji last summer. I noticed the difference on my first ride as they corner and hold the road way better than my previous tires. I am now biking in Arizona and loving them very much in the mountains and is looking to buy a set for a friend back home.....Mike

Mike Martel from From Manitoba CD but biking in Arizona

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2007 Goldwing

December 27, 2010
Had 13500 miles on my 07 Wing that has ABS and all that other stuff on it, while inspecting my tires I noticed cracks in the tread grooves, as they were the original set I decided to replace them with Dunlop Elite 3s upon recommendation from a friend who has the same bike. Dealer in Tallahassee put the new set on and I headed back to Panama City, 30 miles out I noticed a sever front tire wobble at 40 mph that dissipated at 60 mph. Road it for a week and realized it was not going away, back to Tallahassee, service manager told me this was a common occurrence with Goldwings and replaced them with a set of Bridgestones. Problem solved, now my friend is complaining of front tire wobble on his Wing.

Johnnyjet from Panama City, FL

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Update from December

August 07, 2010
As promised heres the update on the performance of the Dunlop Elite IIIs I put on my Victory Vision. At the end of July 2 buddies and I completed an Iron Butt Ride consisting of 1500 miles in less than 36 hours. The E-3s were pushed very hard through canyons, construction 100+ temps and finally a torrential down pour in Idaho. We saw it coming but we were absolutely without cover so we just pressed on. I dropped my speeds down to 65 as the low lines in the freeway began to fill with rain water. We stayed to the high lines but with the threat of high winds gusts it was possible to be blown into the low lines. I was a bit nervous because I have very little experience riding in the rain let alone a downpour then to add injury to insult (literally) marble size hail stones started kicking our butts. Most motorist pulled to the side but we couldnt the only cover we had was the windshields on our bike and creating enough air flow to have the stones miss usthat work pretty good and we made it through with only a few welts, but here is the amazing part never once during the downpour or the hailstorm did I feel the tires lose grip with the road. I was nervous and hypersensitive to any odd shifts the bike might have made but it was all for not as the tires performed flawlessly. The dry performance through the canyons was superb. Construction zone, well they just suck! E-3s will be the only tires I ever put on my scoot!

One Eyed Jack from Utah

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Getting another set on Saturday

May 13, 2010
I bought my 2005 Nomad last summer with a little over 14,000 miles. The bike came with Elite 3 tires. I live in Florida and although we don't have a lot of twisties (that's an understatement!!) I ride rain or shine and I've had no traction problems in the rain and the cornering is solid and predictable. I check my pressure regularly and keep them inflated. I've read about the wobble some folks have had, but I've had no problems with them. I now have about 20,000 miles on the bike. Since the E-3's weren't OEM, I don't know how many miles they've got on them, but the rear probably still has another couple thousand miles left. There's a big sale this weekend and I'm buying another set on Saturday and can't wait to see how new one's ride.

Bruce from Jacksonville, FL USA

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