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April 30, 2010
I wrote e3 front tire wobbled bad, replaced and 1100 miles later it started again I had the shop order me a Bridgestone. I did ask about the avon, you have to keep pressure at 50psi but before they put the Bridgestone on they wanted to try a fork brace, bike didn't have one. That left me thinking I did have progressive fork springs put in 1000 miles before the first tire started to wobble. Never had problem with Dunlop.

I do ride Goldwing 1500 after fork brace install no wobble. I do get 18000 to 23000 miles on these tires, the more you keep your tire pressure up the more miles I get. The shop tells me to keep tires at 42psi, I still get cupping but not till after or around 18000 miles.


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Happy with Elite 3's

April 11, 2010
I replaced the original Dunlops on my 2008 Goldwing Airbag at just under 12,000 miles with a set of Elite 3 radials. I now have 25,500 miles on these tires and it is time to change them again with 1/16" tread remaining on front and 3/32" remaining on rear.

The only problem I had was a hydroplane doing 60mph+ when a down pour hit. I was going too fast for conditions and after dropping my speed 10-15 mph, there were no more problems. I have not had any vibration, cupping or other problems stated by other riders. The rear tire shows a little bit more wear on the left side of center, but the majoriety of the roads and highways around here have a high crown. I have had no dry traction or cornering complaints and I will be buying a replacement set of Elite 3's soon.
I have been very happy with the ride, handling, and mileage I have experienced with these tires. I've been riding street bikes for 35 years and these tires have lasted longer than any other tire I've used.

When choosing tires, choose based on your riding style and on the machine. Obviously I'm older (53) and I am not racing around (speed limit +10 good enough), if I was, I would go with a softer compound tire with a shorter tread life. Ride safe!

Wayne Moore from Carson City, NV USA

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March 18, 2010
I had bad wobble, took my goldwing 1500 to shop they had it for week going thru the bike and test driving it, they couldn't find anything wrong. So I went and picked up bike, as soon as I got on freeway it started wobbling again, it was really bad on curves. I wouldn't drive it for several weeks, finally took it to shop told them to get that tire off my bike, I only had 2000 miles on it e3 dunlop. I had them put another e3 on and the problem was fixed, rode great until I got 1100 miles on and its doing same thing as last will not buy any more duncrap tires.

Brian from mesa,az

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Going with the OEM replacement

December 30, 2009
I have 11k on my Victory, it was delivered with E3's. I was very pleased with the performance and handling but surprised that the front was nearly blad while the back still had fair tread. I've search the web looking for an independant white paper on motorcycle tires but I can't find one so I have to rely on riders to tell their stories. I live in Utah and ride all year log as long as the road is free of ice. I ride mountains, canyons, deserts, freeways and rough two laners I have never had a problem with grip, traction or wet roads. That's why I'm going with another set of E3's I'll stop back by next fall to let you know how the replacement performed.

One Eyed Jack from Utah

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Worst gripping tires I have ever owned

November 19, 2009
The stock D207/D208 tires that came on my 2008 vrscd are the worst gripping tires I have ever owned. After 1000 miles, the rear end began to slip at low speed and only slight curves. Didnt think too much about it until I dumped the bike last week in the company parking lot. Then I started reading online where other riders were posting the same experiences. The Dunlops make work okay for the heavier bikes but the vrods are too light and have too much low end torque for these tires.
Take my advise - lose them before you get in an accident avoidance situation and find out that you have tires with NO GRIP!. After $2500 damage and $1500 in medical bills, I am convinced that spending $300 - $400 on tires is warranted. Wont be riding again until I have a new set of Avons on it.

Zzzoomer from East Tennessee

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Buying again

November 17, 2009
This is an update of an earlier review. I now have 18,000 miles on the rear E3 done over two years. The left side scalloping I reported at 15,000 miles is minor and I believe it is due to road crown. I now have 3/32 tread at the center. I have inspected the rear suspension/ swing arm and it is nominal. I ride a 1983 Honda Gold Wing GL1100i, 2up, weight at the Americade Dunlop tire inspection was 1200 pounds. Front fork pressure 2.5 PSI with Progressive springs and tire pressure 36PSI, anti-dive on max, rear suspension pressure 35-40 PSI and tire pressure 40 PSI. I check all pressures at the start of every ride. Tire ride is comfortable. Good dry traction and remarkable wet traction. Very stable on open steel deck bridges, bricks, railway crossings, curves and curbs. Ride is hard in sub-freezing weather. We just rode two up for 4 hours on Ontario RTE 17 in torrential rain periodically crossing dirt sections were new drainage pipe were being laid and found the tires to be predictable and stable. We ride about 70% two lane roads and most are oil/stone. 25% superslab and 5 % dirt. We live on a dirt road on the side of a mountain. I am ordering a new set without hesitation.

Dan St. Jac from Catskill Mountains of New York

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Best Dunlop Yet

September 30, 2009
I had a pair of Elite 3's installed on my 1992 Wing this spring at the recomendation of my local Honda M/C dealer. I was having low speed wobble issues with the D404 that was on the rear and the E3 was the latest choice. I have been very happy with the E3's after 5500 miles. The wear seems minimal and no iregular wear. They have developed a bit of a hum at 35-45 mph, but not bad. The bike does seem to handle better than ever as well. Very stable in high speed corners. At this point I will be buying another set when these wear out.. Thanks for a great tire...

Bruce from Cumberland, ME USA

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Riding on a wing and a nightmare !

September 23, 2009
I have been riding Gold Wings Since 1984. I have always had Dunlop tires on my bikes and have been satisfied with the performance. This time I figured that I would try the new E3. I thought newer would be better. Fat chance ! My wife and I started out on our yearly wedding anniversary MC trip. Almost immediately I noticed that there was a kind of pulsating feel to the bike. I thought maybe it,s my imagination. Not so.
I took the bike to the Honda dealer thinking it might be a worn drive shaft gear or something. Nope ! I decided to go back to the place where I bought the tires to inquire about them. He told me that there had been a lot of complaints about the E3. I wondered why then did they continue to sell them. I guess Donlop is just getting by on reputation but I'm going to do my best to end that trend. Boy, I cant wait for those tires to wear out so I can have a smooth ride again. If you buy this tire, (YOU WILL MOST DEFINITELY BE SORRY).

SHYDAWG from Rivreside, Ca.

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Good traction, mixed wear

September 10, 2009
E3 on the the rear of a Honda GL1100I. E2 on the front. Both with 14K miles. Ride two up total, weight 1200 pounds = riders, load and bike. E3 was unavailable for the front at time of purchase.E3, excellent wet traction, good on rain grooves, steel deck bridges, and dirt roads, I live on a dirt road. I still have good thread on the tire. It is starting to scallop on the left side. I am running a rear tire pressure of 40 psi and 35 psi in the rear suspension. Before I blame the tire scallop on the the E3 I am going to inspect my rear swing arm and suspension.

Dan St. Jac from Catskill Mountains New York

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Tire preformance

July 28, 2009
I'll put it simple, Dunlop fails to see that they made a poor tire for the Goldwing 1800. I was at Americade and went to the Dunlope inspection station and was told with less than 2000 miles on a new set of tires that the wear was normal. YET THEY ARE CUPPING. You have got to be kidding me. I heard them say that this was the trade off for performance. That it had better traction in wet weather and cornering thus they had to pick which way to go.

All I can say is a lot of Goldwing riders are not satisfied with the responce that is recieved from Dunlop. So Dunlop here is my answer to you about standing behind your product. Look for me at Americade and other motorcycle pages. I'll be the one with a big sign telling others how poor your product is. Avon is reporting they are having no such problem with their tires and even went so far as to tell me that it was a poor tire that Dunlop is selling. Thanks Dunlope for my safety.Can you guess what my next tire is?

Blue Kelloway from New Hampshire

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