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Roadsmart defective front tire

August 08, 2011
I bought Dunlop roadsmart tires front and back for my K1200RS BMW about 2 years ago.
Rear seems fine, but the front tire has very unusual wear on left side of the tire and is worn all the way to the cord showing in spots. It has a concave wear pattern on the left side only as if the rubber had been scooped out and the tire began loosing air.
I have ridden all my life and never seen anything like this before. Nothing at all wrong with the bike front end.
No more Dunlop for me!!

Don from Albuquerque, NM

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Trying Roadstar tire again

June 27, 2011
I have a BMW K1200s with a rear tire size 190/55/17. Originally came with Metzger tires, which the rear tire only lasted about 6000-6500 miles.

Since I use the bike for daily transportation, I switched to the Dunlop Roadsmart. The local BMW dealer installs them on the local police bikes, so I hoped I would get some extra miles.

I got about 7500 miles on the rear tire. Handling seemed fine for my daily commute, and tires seemed to wear evenly for most of the distance, but flattened out toward the end. Mounted same tire again for comparison.

Peter W from Orange County, CA

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Great Tire

July 12, 2010
I have ran many different tires, Dunlop 208, Dunlop 220, Metzler M1, Michelin Pilot Power, Diablo Corsica, and these Dunlop Roadsmarts.

This tire is by far my favorite tire of the before mentioned tires. I ride pretty agressively and am a fairly heavy guy (270lbs) on a 06 600RR. I have about 8k miles on the tires and they are almost ready to be retired. I have only had them slip once or twice. they wear nicely, only in the last 1k miles have they developed a decently bad flat spot.

I will be purchasing these tires again, and be recommending them to all my friends with sport or sport touring bikes.

Clinton from Denver, CO

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Roadnot so smart

April 15, 2010
I installed these on a 2007 moto guzzi norge 1200 sport tourer, at10,000 miles(replacing original metzlers early for long trip). I now have to replace these at 5000 miles, they are worn well into the wear bars. They never were all that great! The best that can be said is they work well in the rain!

al higgins from southern vt. us

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Overall: 2 star rating

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