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Yamaha mad

June 27, 2012
Got these tyres on a mt01 so far they stick like glue even in the wet I can stick it to it once rolling and no spin have not had any chunks come off yet done 2000ks plus so far still look new.

bigdave from melbourne

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Maxxis Presa

May 06, 2007
I have a soft compound on the front and Medium on the rear.

Good grip, but as the previous review said do have a tendency to loose chunks, may only get a few thousand kms if I'm lucky but i'll have fun doing it.

Good grip in wet and dry, very confidence inspiring in the corners, and cheap (a pair is almost the same price as one rear pilot power)so worth a try.

KTM motard from Australia

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Presa st-9

December 26, 2005
These tyres are very similar to Pirrelli mt-60 corsa's.
The only difference is perhaps the Pirrelli's are more stable and have a better tread pattern. The Pirrellis' are also better quality.
Presa's have a tendency to lose chunks of rubber.
But it's still a sticky supermoto tyre that will be good in the wet also.

Frog from Aus.

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