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YZF - R1

May 24, 2011
The supposed hard center patch wore just as fast as the regular Pilot Power, no noticable extra grab on cornering. I normally get 3000mi on a rear and 6000mi out of a front tire. Mostly curvy mountain road riding is what I do, but still manage to flatten centers long before sides. Regular powers are awesome tires still!

Ian from Asheville, NC

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Yes i 2ct dual compound is not all that 2001 gsxr 750

March 09, 2011
Well the happen to me too I got the more pricier 2ct and it last it me about the same or last them the normal compound and no deference on curves so if you ride here is a info thanks.

Arch from MIA ,FL USA

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Not a good dual compound. Pilot pure 2ct

February 20, 2011
Ride a Z1000. My rear lasted 3800 miles, no burn outs just a couple of hard braking incidents. The tire went from a little worn, (I thought I had several hundred miles) 140 miles later thread showing all the way around. I either got defective tire or they suck.

Cuzican06 from FL USA

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