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Love to Hate

August 05, 2012
The metzler is a super sticky tire.. . I put a set on my R1 and talk about confidence boost.. . the tire seemed almost as if it dared u to try and hang that corner a little faster and a little deeper.. . absolutely use all of the band too nobody should have chicken strips when these come off.. .. NOW.. .. the bad side is all this showboat glory has a steeeep price as the life of this tire is the worst of any tire I have ever run at about a buck sixty for that rear tire and u need to slap a new one on about every 2k miles.. .. if your lucky.. . I ran the front and two rear tires and averaged about 1200 miles each rear tire.. .. think ill hang with my bridgestones.

Miles from Atlanta, Ga USA

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Traction: 5 star rating Mileage: 1 star rating Overall: 2 star rating

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