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Best wet performance, hands down

February 05, 2015
Replaced Bridgestone Battlax BT-45s on my '06 Hyosung GV650. The BT-45's slipped in the rain and had somewhat poor traction in turns. They slipped on paint and tar strips. Not confidence-inducing at all. The Pilot Road 3's felt like my bike was glued to the road. I had good feedback from the surface conditions, and extremely impressive traction dry and wet.

Living in BC, we see a lot of rain, so wet traction was paramount and I felt very confident in these tires. Everything from light drizzle to downpour, the tires never slipped or shifted during normal riding, not once in over a year of use. When pushed to the limit during turns the tires held up past my comfort zone. Bike was totaled in an accident so that's all the use I got from them, but it was 40 km a day commute + 100+ km joy riding per weekend. They handled paint and tar strips very well too. I could feel the paint/tar surface but the tires did not slip.

The tires also improved my braking. The BT-45 rear liked to skip a little or kick out, the Pilot Road 3's did not. They kept contact nicely. Only time they ever slid was in a near accident, but neither the front nor back kicked out. New bike can't take these tires, otherwise I would never use another tire type/brand.

Ben from Victoria, B.C.

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Traction: 5 star rating Mileage: 4 star rating Overall: 5 star rating

Great in the wet

June 28, 2013
I ride year round and spend a lot of time commuting in driving, pouring rain. These tires are wonderful in the wet. They have superior grip on wet surfaces, blast through puddles without difficulty and inspire confidence even on the large paint bars at intersections. I got 8000 miles out of the rear on a Suzuki V-Strom DL1000.

Mark Green from Vancouver, WA

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Traction: 5 star rating Mileage: 4 star rating Overall: 5 star rating

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