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Lots of miles left

January 05, 2015
Replaced my rear Dunlop 404's for the Commander 2 for my Yamaha 1300 V-star tourer. Have put 8000 miles on them and they are just now showing "some" wear. Tire is awesome with the exception of the price. I run tire beads (ceramic) instead of wheel weights as they are supposed to give you even tire wear. I change my own tires and it makes it nice to be able to have a balanced tire with out going to the shop. If you put the miles on and dont like changing your tires often then this is the tire for you. Also reccomend Metzler 880's

Darryl from Northern Illinois

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Traction: 5 star rating Mileage: 5 star rating Overall: 5 star rating

Michelin commander 2

December 23, 2014
I put a set on a 03 HD flhr screaming eagle. Went with stock sizes 130/90/16 front and rear. 2 riders 300 lbs. total weight.
At 8500 miles rear is bald. Front still over half.

Note: I use front brake 95 percent time. I do like to accelerate, 10-15 fast starts. Kept 40 lbs. cold pressure religiously. Rode in hydro plane conditions often after I got comfortable the tires would hold. Never got loose feeling. Rear never cupped and worn very evenly. tires have 4.75 rating out of 5.

Did start to get slow air leaks around rim last 1000 miles. going to give the rear one more round to see if I get the same mileage again.

Mark from Missouri

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Traction: 4 star rating Mileage: 4 star rating Overall: 4 star rating


August 24, 2014
I have a 2011 Electra Glide Ultra Limited. The original Dunlap tires got almost 24,000 on both front and rear. I read up on tires and thought Michelin Commander II was the way to go. Was I ever wrong. Both front and rear need replacing and I only got 14,000 miles out of them. I was very disappointed as I have used Michelin on passenger car and trucks for years. Even sold off road Michelin Earthmover tires.

Danny Willard from Nacogdoches, Texas

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Commander II is best so far

May 01, 2013
I used to run Dunlop on the rear of my 2011 Heritage Softail. I would go through a tire every 3500 miles. I decided to try the Mich Commander II and found that I could go 8000 miles with that tire. So far, that is the best I can get from any tire. I was very happy with the traction and somewhat pleased that it lasted more that twice as long as a Dunlop.

Kevin Campbell from Topeka KS

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Traction: 4 star rating Mileage: 4 star rating Overall: 4 star rating

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