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GT 501

August 31, 2010
When my tyres bald for my cb750 rc42, I changed to Dunlop GT 501. These tyres are great in the dry and wet and would recommend them any time.

Eddy Meng from Singapore

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Overall: 5 star rating

Horrible Rubber Brick

August 02, 2010
I just bought this tire for my 07 Thruxton.
I hated this loop the second I left the driveway.
It feels super-tall, and worse, super heavy. This chunk ruined the handling on my Triumph. Plus, this crap was $100 at Cycle Gear (I should have known)

Marc from Simi valley, CA, USA

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Dunlop GT501 replaces the K591

August 05, 2009
While I just love the current 180+ horsepower hyper-bikes and the ultra-sticky radials of the 21st century, there are vintage motorcycles in my collection which still require the use of the old forgotten bias-ply tire of yesteryear.

One such bike is my 1984 Kawasaki GPZ900 A1 (a.k.a. ZX9) which is nearing 90,000 miles on the clock which I have owned from day one!

Back it its day, this machine was king of the street with only 80 something horsepower in a 500+ pound package.

The tire of choice back in the 80s was clearly the Dunlop K591, nothing else on the planet could dream of coming close to the corning grip and handling of the Dunlop!

Mind you, tire technology has come a long way in the last twenty five years.

Several years ago, Dunlop announced it would no longer make the K591 and it was being replaced with the new GT501. My heart sank as thoughts of my beloved tire becoming obsolete, what in the world would I fit onto my older bikes?

While the K591 did not disappear entirely, the offered sizes dropped to near nothing and the rubber was mainly targeted for the Harley Davidson.

Well, I bought a set of those new fangled GT501s just because there are not many choices out there for vintage bikes......

WOW, what a replacement tire this is!

In short, bias-ply tires are no match for the current radials on the market when it comes to grip and handling, but I tell you true, the GT501 sure comes darn tootn close!

The GT501 grip is vastly superior when compared to the older K591 it replaces, I am now on my third set. Both wet and dry, the tire is very predictable and offers the best performance I have ever experienced on a bias-ply tire, I am one very happy dude.

When it comes to a vintage tire, mileage is not so much a concern for me and I can typically push the GT501 to 7,000 even though the rubber starts to fade between 5 & 6 thousand.

If I am nearing winter, I pull the rubber around 5,000 due to the need for the best wet weather grip, yet if in the middle of summer I will run them a few thousand farther.

If you are looking for a strong bias-ply tire for your old scooter, I suggest you give the GT501 a try!

Keep the rubber side down

Kawboy from The California Coast

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Track days on the KZ650

January 14, 2009
I put a set of these tires on my 1977 KZ650C1. Then proceeded to do 8 track days on them. The tires wore nicely and stuck like crazy. Wish I could say the same for my foot pegs which were the limiting factor in the corners. The GT501s were much better then I had expected. After getting my regular track bike running again, the KZ was returned to street duty and held up very well even after about 70 session on track with all the heat cycling and all. Ill be sticking with these tires for sure. And Im not a big fan of Dunlops so thats saying a lot. I gave them a 5 star rating based on what I've run in the past on some older type bikes and the fact that these are STREET tires.

Toonces from Tempe Arizona

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1983 Yamaha XJ750MK Midnight Maxim

May 13, 2008
This is a great tire. Here is a little bit of bio. Since 2004, I commute 110 miles a day, C'ville to Tucker. I have had this motorcycle since 1988. I have been to California to Kansas twice. Then moved to Georgia. Blah, blah, blah.

This tire has been a much better replacement than the Bridgestone Spitfire I have been putting on (as you know, not a big selection out there). It wears much better, more evenly, and I have experienced no cupping like the Spitfire. This is my second one and I am getting ready to order another. Also, at or near the end of the useful tread, it tracks true and gives only the slightest hint of trying to not to follow or track the cracks in the roads. When it rains, it tracks well and I gives positive feedback of traction and telegraphs the limits of traction. It gives me no sense that it wants to hydroplane.

I usually run 80+ kph(wink-wink-knod-knod) and it grips, grips well. Admittedly, this bike is not a torque monster, but the tire performs above expectations. I run 34 psi in the front and 36 in the rear.

It is priced right and is a great value. It maybe a little more than others, but you pay less for any tire changes and balancing, since you don't need to change them is often.

Semper Fi,

PC from Cartersville, GA

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XJ650J Maxim

September 24, 2007
After being very happy with the lifespan and traction of a lower model Dunlop on my 650 Maxim, I decided to try the GT501.

I prefer to break in new tires one at a time, so I started by replacing the rear tire for the last few weeks of this season. I will do the front tire before riding it next season.

What a big improvement! The bike is quicker to respond when cornering, seeming eager to enter the next set of twisties. The traction is fantastic, hanging on tight to the road even when touching footpegs to asphalt. There is less road noise and a smoother ride as well.

I had a few moments where the older Metzler on the front was having trouble gripping because of sand on the road, but the 501 never lost traction once.

I'm very impressed with this tire and I can't wait for the spring to try the bike with both new tires!

Andrew from South Cariboo BC, Canada

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Easy Rider

July 05, 2007
I bought my Harley Softtail Duce in May 2005. I ride 60 - 70 miles daily to work and back during March through November, weather permitting. The rear K591 had to be replaced at approximately 9K miles when it picked up a large staple. I am ready to replace the rear again and have approximately 12K miles on it. The front K591 was good until 18K miles. The tires maintain good contact with the road and ride smooth. I check the psi occassionaly and put in 2-3 pounds, but no major pressure loss problems. I can't pay HD shop prices for replacements so I shop the net for best price. Don't have much wet riding experience to report on. Overall, seem to be good quality, but am a bit concerned as to why the rear wears quicker. I don't do burn-outs!

Bill Dorris from Moses Lake, WA

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Great wet and dry grip

October 13, 2005
I replaced my Kenda tires with Dunlop GT501 on my Yamaha Maxim 750 and man what a difference. These tires tracked well, rode smooth, had excellent grip in the twisties, even in a torrential downpour they gripped as if the road were dry.

I'd buy these again.

Jeff from Athens, GA

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Dunlop GT501

July 13, 2005
Stable, predictable traction, good behavior on grooved surfaces, excellent traction for a bias ply tire ('77 XLCR) miles ridden on these tires approx 1,000 excellent choice for older bikes.

Jack from Austin, TX USA

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Dunlop Tires

February 17, 2005
Best tires I ever bought!

Mike from CA

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