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K491 Dunlop

May 22, 2011
I have been riding for years, I have had Avon, Dunlop, Metz and I would not buy another Avon or Metz unless I wanted to get 6000 miles out of a tire. I have an 07 Ultra, I will only ride with Dunlop elite 2 on my bike. I have 11000 on the rear and 24000 on the front. My bike is getting new k491 tires front and rear this week. I know that Dunlop is the smallest tire company. You think the would make a good tire to get there name out there right ! As far as handling around corners Harley has never felt good around any corner no matter what tire you have on it. Until 2009, 2010 when Harley changed the frame. For me its K491. Peace !

Could of been from Mesa, AZ

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Best tires

April 28, 2011
I have used several of the Dunlop 491 tires on my FXRS, front and back and have gotten excellent mileage out of all of them. Got over 20,000 on the rear once, always at least high teens. 26-27,000 on the front. Good grip in corners, excellent in the rain. I have over 150,000 miles on my bike so I have used some tires and this one is the best.

Axel H from South Dakota

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Dunlop 491 Elite

August 20, 2010
I have a 1993 HD Ultra Classic. The only tire that has been on it is the 491. I have gotten up to 18,000 miles on rear and double that on front. I have experienced no handling problem on wet or dry pavement. As of this date I have riding this same bike 129,000 miles. I also have an HD 1998 Wide Glide with the 491 front and back. This bike has 35,000 miles on it. This tire has performed in a like fashion also. Wonder why other reviews are different than my experience ?

Hutch from Iowa USA

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Elite II's are dangerous

October 05, 2009
I purchased my Goldwing with brand new Elite II's on it. I just got back from a 5 state trip and all I have got to say is..They are coming off. They handled squirrel like on rain grooves and you could feel the tire loosing grip in turns. They are a dangerous tire as far as I am concerned. My riding partner had Michelin Commanders and had no problem at all. He had Elite II's prior to the Michelins and he said thats why he dumped them. I am losing these very quickly. Riding in rain was an experience to say the least. They are terrible.

Jay Mahn from Florence, Az

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Dunlapped #3's

May 24, 2008
There is no way I will send another cent to Dunlop, I am from the tire business side of life and now used them on the wing, no way in this world will I do another set, I am not into 3 times and your out, 2 is enough. Cupped, cupped and cupped.

Lonecoyote69 from S.E. Saskatchewan

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Gold Wing GL1100

February 17, 2007
Second set of these on my bike. Got 12,000 + out of the first set and only had trouble in the rain once, but the front tire was in need of replacement, it had been raining about five minutes, and was at a common stopping point for an intersection. Obviously, I like and trust these tires.

The only reason for a score of 4 is because the front tire developed some cupping I did not like about half way into it's life. Not a driving problem, just an annoyance on sharper cornering. Great tires all around. Note: My driving is a healthy split of interstate and back roads. Not much around town.

Robert from Ringgold, GA

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Dunlop Elite III (Radial)

December 18, 2006
The Dunlop tires that came stock on my 2004 GL 1800 only lasted 7,000 miles before I had to replace them because of excessive treadware and cupping, front and rear. (Yes, I did keep the air pressure at the Honda recommended pressures, front and bacak, and I checked tire pressures before EVERY ride!)

I replaced the stock Dunlop radials with Dunlop Elite III radials and haved riden them 13,000 very unhappy miles. These tires are very noisey and in time instilled high frequency vibrations in the handle bars as normal touring miles accumulated on these tires. The rear tire started cupping dramatically at 3,000 mi. (Yes, I did keep the tire pressure at 41 front and 41 rear.)

By 4,000 miles, the cupping was so severe that I had to shave the tire to remove the cupping to continue using the tire. (Istill had plenty of tread on both tires.) I repeated this shaving of the rear tire evey 2,000 miles. The front tire started to cup at 8,000 miles.

I started shaving the front tire to continue riding it, as it had plenty of tread left on the tire. I will definitely replace these tires before the 2007 riding season gets into full swing; and I assure you that I will not replace them with another set of Dunlop Elite IIIs, or any other Dunlop tires.

When I wrote to Dunlop for assistance or explanation of the cupping problem, Dunlop never answered, or even acknowledged any of my 3 written communications. (So much for customer service after the sale!)

Fred H from Raleigh NC

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Looking to replace

September 23, 2006
I have these tires on my 2000 superglide. I have around 4000 miles on them. I am looking for a better tire. On wet roads they worry me.

Bob from Knoxville TN

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Dunlop elite II tires

January 31, 2006
Have 10,000 miles on the OEM, Dunlop set of tires. Other than some cupping on the front tire, wear and traction have been great. Have ordered the newer Dunlop Elite III and will have them on before spring.

Dave from Medina, Ohio USA

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