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Dunlop 404 tire

November 07, 2011
This tire was great coming out of the gate. But like a five pump chump, it didn't last long. What a waste of time and money. Do not buy this tire!

Joseph Thomas from Bandera, TX

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Overall: 1 star rating

Dunlop f24

July 22, 2011
Worst tire I have ever had on a bike. I hope this is not indicative of Dunlop as a whole.

Short Bus Cycles from The real Washington

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Overall: 1 star rating

Very poor tire

July 19, 2011
First I will say the first dunlop on the back I was pleased with, but the one that was installed this year I am not. After 2500 miles the center is worn flat. Time to shop for something different, I will never use dunlop again.

rick from new york

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April 02, 2011
Tires have about 6000 miles. Flat path on the rear. Front is evenly worn. I might get a little more but will have to change before the next trip. Traction, stability, noise all good. I want the tire with excellent traction that lasts forever and is free. Bike is VN1500. Mostly ride single. I occasionally scrape the floorboards. Will do Pirellis next set.

papalamb from Eugene, OR, USA

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Overall: 5 star rating

Dunlop D404

January 30, 2011
Placed tires on my bike 05 Vstar 1100 myself. Ballanced ok but tires ride rough. Ready to chunk them for diffrent mfg. Seller says to rotate 180 but tires I took off had no problems other than worn. They say its the rims... Go figure...Not Happy in MS

Jbird from South MS

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Gotta a Free One

January 27, 2011
I ride a 08 Yamaha Venture, the OE tire an Bridgestone Exedra got me a little over 9k on the rear and the front still has about 25% on it. Today, a buddy gave me (yep it is a freebie)Dunlop 404. I will be mounting it this week. As I ride I will post my impressions of this tire.

Yetidaddy from Orlando, Florida USA

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Overall: 2 star rating

Works for me

January 10, 2011
i have 13000 miles and there is still life on them, but they are showing small cracks time for new

chuck from levittown pa

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October 28, 2010
i had these tires on royal star venture and got only 6000 miles on them. kept pressure rite. i just can not get any mileage out of dunlops. i now have venom x. i get good service out of them

Lee Young from stuttgart, Ar USA

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October 20, 2010
I bought a Yamaha Royal Star Venture in 2009. The OEM tire was the Dunlop D-404. I ride evenly on back roads in West Virginia and on long highway trips.

I have over 14,000 miles on my tires and it looks like I will get to about 16, 000 before I have to get new tires.

Note: I check my air pressure often and I go by the tire manufactures recommended pressure for the weight of two up riding.

Jack Harley (I know but I ride a Yamaha)

Jack Harley from Shepherdstown, WV

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Overall: 5 star rating

Dunlop D 404

August 24, 2010
This tyre is a good compromise.
I have them fitted on my a XV1100 and use it daily
It`s a soft rubbery tyre that gives you confidence in the wet with good levels of grip but there lies the compromise.
When it`s hot and dry or in hotter climates it will wear a little quicker than a harder tyre that`s the engineering compromise..
For the UK weather I find it works for me it`s usually wet and does give me more confidence rather than a Bridgestone for arguments sake but this is down to personnel preference,
After running both manufacturers I do find the 404 falls short in terms of mileage covered about three to four thousand miles over the Life of the tyre on the rear but,
The front seams to hold its own at least in terms of mileage.
This I can put up with in the UK it`s usually raining even in the summer months so I personally need a tyre such as the 404 to give me confidence .it`s what you feel happy with.
If youre ridding and all youre doing is thinking about how long the tyre is going to last or when a tyre is going to let go in the wet then youre not enjoying your ridding so buy a pushbike or a car.
The slight increase in costs over 8 thousand miles or so compared to a harder tyre doesnt even come into the equation if you feel it`s right and the feedback from the road is good then that`s generally all you need from a tyre so for me its well worth the extra if it helps me to forget about my tyres and encourages me to enjoy my ridding...

Delboy from Northampton England

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Overall: 5 star rating

D404 Rip Off

August 02, 2010
Honda MC specs this and 2 other brands in the manual for my Honda Shadow Aero 2004. They are only available thru Honda who sets the price. 170/80-15 Metzler may be a better tire and less expensive.

George from San Diego, CA, USA

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RIP OFF!!!!!

July 28, 2010
01 Heritage softail classic. I got less than 4000 miles on the these tires and back is completely bald. Took it to the local harley dealership and they told me that the Heritage softail in that year was to blame. Not the tire! 2 buddys have the same bikes and use metzlers and are still going on 12k miles and look a little worn but still going. They told me I do burn outs and Stop and start too fast. MANAGER OF A HARLEY DEALERSHIP SERVICE!!!! NEVER BUY THE D404!!!

JOR from Nebraska

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Overall: 5 star rating

Dunlop D404

July 19, 2010
I have a Suzuki M50 and 1st time trying these tires. Putting them on next week and will keep you updated. When the tire arrived, it says "made in Indonesia" on the tire. Very disappointed that they are not made in US as indicated on the Dunlop web site. Never driven on a tire from INDONESIA before. Wish me luck...

Tom from Pittsburgh PA

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Overall: 3 star rating

Designed for school buses

April 03, 2010
Dull. At ninety mph the rear squirms. Can't lay it down. If I do lay it down, it doesn't want to come up. I have been riding fifty years and owned seven bikes. These tires are the worst.

Ray Brenner from Florada,USA

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Overall: 1 star rating

Good for easy ride and wet conditions

March 30, 2010
This a soft tire with huge grooves that sticks like glue in turns, but has a sluggish response. Therefore, among the safest choices for unexpected slippery surfaces, but not the most exciting riding. The downside is that the front tire does not grab well to the asphalt during aggressive braking, I was used to the hard grab of the Lasertec. The ME 880 responds better in turns, but it is far more slippery when wet or in smooth surfaces.

Cesar from Southern California

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Overall: 4 star rating

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