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Not Unhappy...

March 12, 2010
I'm a 45 yr old 205# conservative rider on a '99 Suzuki Marauder. Only rode in the rain a couple times and had a few "pucker" moments as a result. Front and Rear have about 11,000 miles on them and they are pretty much "slicks" at this point. I'm not unhappy with the results, but I have nothing to compare to...Was considering Continental Tours as replacements but the set will be about $70 more than the 404's.

Darrin from Oxford, MI - USA

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Wish I Had Found This Site First

December 17, 2009
Put a set of D404's on my '99 Indian Chief in April of '09....read tire blew out at 5,247 miles...front tire still had plenty of wear left...go figure...the Good Lord was surely riding with me that day...tire blew at 55 mph...got her down to about 20-25 mph before she threw me and hit the ditch...WORST TIRE I'VE EVER HAD...WILL NEVER USE DUNLOP TIRES AGAIN

Indian Rider from East of The Mississippi

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Worst mileage I have ever got from a rear tire

September 22, 2009
I installed a new D404 Dunlop on the rear of my Yamaha Royal Star Midnight Venture in the spring of this year. At time of install I had 14004 miles on the bike. Mileage now at 19550 and wear bars are showing on tire. This is very poor mileage. I normally get 12-13000 miles on a rear tire. NO MORE DUNLOP FOR ME!
Bridgestone is my preferred brand. I have a new one here now to install.

Bear Johnson from Vidalia, GA

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Not what I hoped for, but better than I expected

September 14, 2009
I've spent about 7 months and 8,000 miles on a set of 404's. I'm running a 110/90-19 front and a 130/90-16 rear on an '82 Honda CB900C with a ready-to-ride weight of 650 lbs., and I weigh 190 lbs. Air pressures are a religious 42 psi front and rear, checked at least 3 times a week.

With there not being many choices available for a vintage bike like this, I had hoped that I might be able to wring a good 12,000 miles out of the rear. Sadly, it's not going to happen. At 7,000 miles, it was on the wear bars. I'll run it for the rest of the year and replace this winter.

Oddly enough, the front has lasted extremely well. I could probably get another 7-8,000 miles before needing to replace it, and the profile has stayed smooth with zero cupping.

I think the culprit is the weight rating (only 677 lbs. rear at 42 psi). My wife and I took a 3,000 mile trip this summer, and I think the weight of travel and two-up riding (which puts us at about 650 lbs. on the rear tire) just toasted the tire. After a day's worth of riding, the rear tire temp would be as hot as 170 degrees. It handled well enough, but it's squared-off like I trimmed it with a straight blade.

For medium-duty use (no heavy touring), it's a good tire, but if you come close to the maximum weight rating it gets veeery hot and the tread just disappears.

Next season I'll run the Elite 3 Bias and see if the mileage improves.

Shawn from Southwest Michigan

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Good trade-off

September 11, 2009
On a Yamaha Virago 1100, I got my first set of D404s because I wanted good, sticky handling. I was warned that they don't last as long, which makes sense. I'm at the end of my 2nd set, about 7-8000 miles per set. But for their superior stickiness, it's worth it to me. I use them for daily commute, mostly highway riding, rain or shine.

James C. from Houston, TX

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August 23, 2009
Second set of Dunlop D404s. Both sets lasted less than 4000 miles. Too expensive to keep this up. Looking for a better alternative. I have a Yamaha Vstar 1300.

Alan T. from Rutherfordton, NC

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Worst tire made

August 11, 2009
I have a 02 elec glide run only bags no tour pack only ride single got less than 3000 miles on rear tire it is now bald. Buddy says its the weight but thats BS!! never again

mark anderson from Palmdale Ca. U S A

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Not worth the money!

August 06, 2009
I have a Kawasaki Vulcan 750 that I very rarely ever thrash on it. Actually, I continually see if I can meet or beat my previous MPG.

Any way, I have had two of these tires now. The first tire barely made 7,000 miles of wear. I put another one on the rear this spring and the tread is nearly gone after less than 4,000 miles!

Don't waste your hard-earned cash!

FlyingKOW from Payne, OH

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Nice ride short life

August 04, 2009
I replaced the origingal BF Goodrich excedra on the back of my v-star 1100 at 12000 kms with a Dunlop D404. Initially i was very happy with the tire but it wore very fast, I bought this tire as i had a long trip coming up in a month I checked the tire just before i left and found the tire was 90% worn after 6000 kms and one month. Never again

Anonymous from alberta canada

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D404 Review

August 04, 2009
I just completed a trip from Richmond, Va. to Yellowstone, Wy. and back on my V-Star 650 Custom. The rear tire now has 15,000 miles and it's time to replace it. Weather conditions ranged from monsoon rains between St.Louis and KC., 45 + winds on I-85 in Nebraska, thick fog in Yellowstone and 95+ temperatures in WY towards I-90. The D404's handled perfectly in whatever weather conditions nature threw at us, excellent tire for the money.

Mike Gabriele from Richmond, Va.

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Dulop 404 average?

August 03, 2009
I have a 1300 VTX R with 11,000 miles on the original tires. They slip in the rain and I have excessive uneven wear on the left side of the front tire. Not sure why this happens but I now have to replace the front and rear tire. If the front tire didn't wear on one side it would still be OK.

Dave R from Colchester Ct.

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Dunlop D402

July 01, 2009
This tire came original on my "01" Harley Davidson Road King Classic (spooked rims) the tires were both MT90HB-16. After my first nine (9) thousand miles the rear tire had signs of flat spotting in back from my aggressive riding. I replaced this rear tire with the larger and higher load capacity of the same tire in MB85B-16. These tires stick in corners remarkably for a non-radial. I scrape floor boards before even thinking about the tire sliding out.

In addition I have ridden often during rain storms packed down riding two up no problems. At twenty (20) thousand miles it is time to replace my original front tire and install my third rear tire this includes the original. Guess what they will be Dunlop 402's

Randy A. from South of Omaha, NE USA

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Gone in 3600 Miles!?

April 28, 2009
Do not, I repeat do not buy a Dunlop 404 rear tire for a Honda VTX 1300R. I just turned 3600 miles on my latest one (this is the 3rd I've had). I work at the Honda motorcycle retailer in Hickory NC, and my mechanic just happened to notice the tire was worn out as he was walking by. I got 6,000 miles out of the previous tire before I realized it was bald! The tire before that I got 5,000 miles out of before if failed NC state inspection. WTF?! Enough is enough with these crappy tires. They may be sticky, but I can't afford to put new tires on every 10 weeks! Yes, 10 weeks, that's all it lasted! I hope everything I've heard about Metzeler Marathon 880s is true because that's what I'm putting on the rear 5/1/09. I've had a front me880 for 5,000+ miles and it's not showing any wear other than scuffs from leaning it over in the turns. I don't know what engineers were thinking when they designed the tire, but it is definately not intended for high mileage usage.

BoB Maull from Hickory, NC

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Satisfied with D404

April 28, 2009
I've been using the D404 on my honda valkerie an they seemed to last me apx 1 front tire to 2 rears the front has lasted me 2 yrs apx. I ride regularly daily to work plus some in rain and desert. I'd recomend them.

easyrider from ca.usa

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Dunlop 404

April 07, 2009
I have this on my 07 honda vlx 600. It has never slipped. I have ridden in lost of rain, across stripes and tar snakes. The tire rides smoothe. I have 8500 miles on this. I should have replaced at 6500. Has had sealant inside since just over 5000. It seemed to ride better with the sealant, may not have been properly balanced. Definitely a safe tire, but looking for something with better life. Think I'll try the dual compound Spitfire.

Michael M. Council from Cordele, Ga

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