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Great tire for the price!

March 20, 2009
I have used these on my custom softtail (had Heritage springer front end than took that front end off and made it into a "fatboy"). I used that tire on both front ends. I have gotten great mileage out of these for the cost (<$70.00 each). I have had some head shake, HOWEVER, it has been with the bike loaded and a larger than recommended amount of weight on the rear rack. Also, I needed to replace my triple tree bearings(head bearings) and that made a huge difference. I recommend anyone with ANY head shake to make sure the head bearings are LUBED and PROPERLY adjusted as well as making sure the tire pressures are correct. That tends to solve those issues. I have ridden the bike in hellacious rain storms with no traction issues and have even ridden it to the point of baldness on the rear tire (do this at your own risk) They are a good value for the price. If you are paying big bucks you need to learn how to shop around! (Try Dennis Kirk on the web). I agree with Mitch from St Louis; "don't try to make a silk purse out of a sows ear"!!!

Randy from Stillwater, MN

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February 17, 2009
I ride a 2007 Yamaha V-Star 650 Custom and the original set tires were Dunlap D404s. I got 7,748 miles out of my rear tire (I checked my repair invoice) before it was replaced with another D404. My bike now has just over 13,500 miles and it's time for me to replace my back tire for the second time. I have to say that the ride is very smooth and the tires handled well, but the ware & tare value on the D404 tires leave something to be desired.

I got approx. 10,000 miles on the front tire (can't find that repair invoice) before I had to have it replaced. Unknown to me the local dealer decided to replace the Dunlap D404 with a Michelin "Commander". I've been riding on it for 3,500+/- miles and I can hardly see any tread loss. I'm thinking about putting a Michelin tire on the back to see how many miles I get out of it.

I failed to mention the majority of my riding is on the highway, and I always check the tire pressure before each ride.

Rayman Floyd from North Port, Florida

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Pretty Good Tire

December 06, 2008
I have a Yamaha V Star 650 Classic. I have over 14,000 miles on my original set of D404s. I have maintained proper air pressure and am very pleased with the mileage. It is time to replace the rear tire. Yet, there is still some tread left, (not much, though). There has been some noise developing as the miles progress, but only in the turns. The front tire still has some tread left and it's not time to change yet. There is some shimmy when changing lanes that makes one take notice. My Brother has the same bike and has Bridgestones. He has gotten the same mileage out of his tires but has no shimmy. Overall, I am pleased with the Dunlops, but I am going to try another brand, for possible improvements(??). Wet Traction has been average. I'm 48 and a conservative rider.

BTwice from Panama City, Florida

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Dunlop 404 rear not as good mileage as Bridgestone

November 01, 2008
Running a 140/90 15 on a S50 Suzuki. Mileage out of the Dunpop 404 was 7,000. The Bridgestone it replaced got 10,500 miles. I am retired 65+ years and don't hot rod.

Fred Lehmann from Central Oklahoma.

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Poor tire for a 05 yamaha 1100 v star silverado

October 18, 2008
Poor tire for a 05 yamaha 1100 v star silverado, rear tire got 10000 on stock tire put one on rear lasted 6000 mile wore to core belts first thing when first put on handle got worst line on freeway make bike shake. Tire pressure was good, will not buy dunlop again. I just put front and rear Meteret at 17,889 miles handle great now will see how fast they wear.

Stephan Herrick from fontana ,ca. ,USA

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Excellent wear but a little sloppy on turns

October 14, 2008
My Suzuki C50 came with the 404s and I got about 15000 miles out of the rear. The front tires gave me about 19000 miles. Can't complain about that. Rode them to Sturgis from Texas and then out to Wyoming and Montana, down through Jackson Hole, WY and then across the Rockies, across the corner of New Mexico and back to Texas. In the twistys of the mountains, the front tire made me a little nervous. Wanted to slide a bit, but I already had 15000 miles on them at the time. Course I was leaning real hard on them. Never went down though. Overall I'd give them a passing grade.

Mitchell from Fort Worth, TX

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I have no complaints about the D404's

September 27, 2008
I have D404's on my 2005 Road King Classic, and I've gone through 2 rear tires in the past 14,500 miles. I only got about 7,000 miles out of the original (mea culpa, I had not properly inflated it), then about 10,000 out of the replacement. I ride in both rural and urban settings almost daily, and in cold, hot, and rainy weather too. The front tire has not yet needed to be replaced, and I still have a lot of tread on it. I think it will probably go another 5 or 6 thousand miles. In all conditions, I haven't noticed any traction problems, nor have I heard excessive noise - but then again, I have slightly louder pipes, so there you go. The only drawback is price. I paid $190 (Sept. 2008) at a dealership in semi-rural NC. Overall, I have found nothing to complain about with the D404's in terms of quality, longevity, handling, look or noise.

Mike from Fuquay-Varina, NC

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Dunlop D404

September 17, 2008
03 Suzuki VL800. I found the Dunlop D404 to be noisy and handle terrible. They hunt in the cracks of the road causing the bike to sway when changing lanes. Only got 6500 miles out of them. Would never buy another set. Replace them with Metzler 880 and bike handles 100% better. Have 4500 miles on Metzler's and they are about 30% worn.

Johnny from New York

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Dunlop 150/80-16 front and 150/90-15 rear: 06 Yamaha Venture

July 31, 2008
I purchased a new Yamaha Venture July 2006, it came with the Dunlop D404 Tire. I have always maintained the proper tire inflation pressures and check them regularly. I pull a trailer on trips and often cruise 70-75 on the Interstates. I have rode in the rain, dry and snow and extreme cold with these tires. Functionally, I have not had one minutes trouble from these tires. I notice other reviewers have had complaints along these lines - but, not I. I currently have about 13K on these tires and they will need replacing in the next 1,000 miles or so.

Tire wear is about eve between front and rear tires. The only complaint I have is - at about 8,000 miles I began to notice tire noise when going through turns at highway speeds. Going straight ahead I heard no tire noise. However, as the tires wore the noise began to be noticeable going straight down the highway. Some pavement made the tires more noisey i.e., concrete vs asphalt, and other types of pavement. I like the mileage and durability but hate the tire noise. I'm currently researching other brands of tire to see if I want to change or not.

Mark Qualkenbush from Orangeville, Indiana USA

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Overall: 5 star rating

Dunlop 404's Above Average Performer

July 14, 2008
I have been riding my VTX1300R for 9,000 miles (one year) with the original 404's. They now need to be replaced. My riding style is fairly agressive, often speeds of at least 80-100 and once a week, at 120-125. Based upon my riding style I think these tires have held up fairly well!

Doug from South Jersey

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Overall: 4 star rating

Dunlop 404's

June 07, 2008
I seem to be seeing a lot of bad reviews on these.
I'm on my second set. I had just over 12,000 miles on the first set, with roughly 5% tread left. The front tire had more like 15% left, but I always change both tires at the same time. I run 32 psi in the front, and 36 psi in the rear consistently, with the pressure being checked daily. My riding style is aggressive, and with the heat here in Texas, I'm not easy on tires. I'd recommend D404's to anyone.

Tom Reese from Wichita falls, Texas

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Dunlop 404 terrible mileage

June 05, 2008
I have a Royal Star Tour Deluxe, 2005 model. When the OEM Bridgestones wore out (3800 miles), my dealer (Ashland,KY) recommended the Dunlops. I was extremely pleased with this set of tires as far as handling went. They have a much rounder profile and really gave the motorcycle great turn-in. They were really quiet and had good traction. HOWEVER, at about 2500 miles of use, the rear was down to the cords!! I paid $157 for the front and $117 for the rear.. 2500 miles is NOT $117 worth of riding..sorry dunlop.!!

David from Kitts Hill OH

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The Dunlop 404's are terrible!!

June 02, 2008
I went through 3 sets of Dunlop 404's on my Roadstar in just over 3 years. 3 sets of tires earned me a total of 17,000 + miles! Not until I switched to the Metzeler 880's did I realize what I was missing with this bike. It felt like I was riding a whole new machine, it just glides around corners now. The bike is smoother and more stable and responsive than ever. 3000 miles in . . . they are showing almost no signs of wear (my Dunlop's would have been nearly bald by now).

post from LaCrosse, WI

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No more dunlops

May 29, 2008
I ride a 2005 yamaha royal star. I put a new set of D404's on front and rear 4000 thousand miles ago and the rear tire is gone. the front only has about 25% left. on a scale of 1-5 I am a 3 on aggressive riding. they never felt safe in the turns. I hated them in the rain. pay a little more and be safe. I am going with metzler me880.

wpiearce from rockwall,tx

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These are inexpensive tires what do you expect?

May 21, 2008
My OEM Bridgestone front on my V-Star 1100 was cooked at 4,000 miles, they even had a funny wear pattern going. I picked up the 404 at a local Yamaha dealer for $68 including sales tax. If I get 9,000 miles I'd be delighted because I'll just buy another and be ahead in the game. Traction is fine, looks are better. I've driven over-the-road trucks for years and I can't help feel a "measurebater" attitude of expectation at play where these are being compared to tires costing twice as much. They are adequate + in my book for standard cruising and riding. I say if you need more or your riding demands more, simply pay more and move up to something else that meets your expectation and don't try to make a silk purse out of a sows ear.

Mitch from Saint Louis, MO

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Overall: 5 star rating

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