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Bad Tire or Bad Installation?

May 17, 2008
When my Bridgestones wore out on my Yamaha 1100 V Star, my service centre mounted 2 Dunlop 404's. Right from the start I was not happy with the front end feel. Vibration..not a secure feeling in wet etc. When I was looking at it yesterday, and comparing it with my friends Dunlops on his V Star, I noticed the tread pattern seemed to be backward...then I noticed "for rear tire use only." The size was correct according to the Yamaha specs but it was clearly designed as a rear tire.

Needless to say, I went to the dealer and ripped some faces. Not only did the parts department order the wrong tire, the service centre mounted the wrong tire. It is a damn good thing I didn't encounter much in the way of rain last season. To make matters worse, I told the service manager twice last year I was not happy with the front end feel, and was brushed off. I learned a personal lesson...never trust the work of people that should know better. Especially when it is my life on the line. Congratulations to Checkpoint Yamaha in Port Moody BC Canada for the average work.


Greg Barnes from Vancouver., BC Canada

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D404 are not for a harley

May 04, 2008
I recently purchased three D404 for myself & a friend. We noticed a weight difference between an old wore out D401 and the new D404. The old one weighed 5lbs. more! So I called Dunlop Tire. The rep said the 2 tires may look alike and have similar features, BUT they are for Jap bikes only! They will not handle properly and may wear out much faster. The D404 are made in JAPAN, the D401 & 402 are made in the USA. I learned a great lesson! Pay the money for the 401 or 402 and have peace of mind.

Bo from Alton, Ill.

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OEM Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Custom

April 21, 2008
These came OEM on my '07 Vulcan 900 Custom and the only lasted 9000 miles. I was never happy with their performance in the rain either. Unfortunately, this bike has odd tire sizes, so I'm limited to Bridgestone, Metzler and Pirelli. As much as I've always liked Michelin, they don't make these sizes.

Tom from Torrington, CT

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85 wideglide

January 20, 2008
404,s????? Don,t waste your money !!!!!!

Scotty from Wisconsin

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V-star 1100

September 22, 2007
The 404's are the OE tire on my v-star. I have ridden in pretty much every type of weather with them and they've performed okay. My biggest complaint is the vibration at highway speeds and wear. I have 9,200 miles on them and the rear is pretty much done. I'm going for the Metzeler 880's next. A friend of mine has them on his bike and swears by them.

Brent from Las Cruces, NM USA

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Good tire but a compromise

September 02, 2007
If you ride aggressively and tour you'll both love and hate these tires. The good news, they handle well both on dry and wet pavement. They feel good in most circumstances. They are less expensive than many other name brand tires and models. The bad news? They do not put enough tread depth on them to begin with so they wear out pretty fast. I still prefer them over tires that last a long time but handle poorly and are bad in the rain. Better to replace tires often and enjoy the ride than to have to put up with a crappy tire for a long time.

Orc from Alaska

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FLT d404's

August 31, 2007
I purchased a set o f Dunlop D-404's d
for my 1982 Harley Davidson FLt and boy do they ride good , not only do the make my hawg look good but she runs so smooth and corners so tight..main reason I bought them was referrals form other Harley riders.. The reviews really did not hurt the tire as I alreaday knew what I wanted ..Front tire was $54 raer was $51.00 instalation was 418 per wheel ...At Tejas motor sports .com, Total was $148.90. in Highlands Texas

Ben Luna from T

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Dunlop 404 from Japan

August 22, 2007
Worst tire I've ever had on a bike. They make a humming noise up front. They started to wear off at 4,000 miles and now if I hit a bump the front wheel begins to wobble dangerously. I have been riding for 40 years and I have never seen a front tire wear so fast. These tires are junk. I will say that most of the wear is on the front tire and it has worn on one side. This is on a 3 year old Road Star. The original Bridgestone tires lasted 9,000 miles. Good by Dunlop! Can you imagine Harley riders are paying $160.00 apiece for these?

Dan DeCoteau from Montpelier, Vermont

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Dunlop D404 130/90-16 front and D404 150/80-16 rear

July 30, 2007
I bought a 2005 Kaw-Vulcan 1500 clasic came with D404's front and rear. I now have over 13,500 miles on both. The front tire still has approx. 33% of it tread left and the rear is down to about 20%. I am a Very causious rider, I try very hard NOT to get caught out in the rain. However I have been on wet roads a couple of times. I have had NO problems with traction on wet roads. But have had slippage a couple of times on loose sand. I have NEVER been down. (Knock-on-wood) I have been VERY pleased with the traction and millage from these tires... I notice on a ride about a Month ago a serious viberation while cornering.... I stoped to check the tire pressure and fonund only 15psi in front and rear tires. Low press caused flat spots to wear on the tires.... I have aired them back up to proper air press. the cornering viberation is still there not as bad but I CERTAINLY CANT BLAME THE WEAR ON THE TIRES BUT RATHER MY OWN NEGLAGENCE FOR NOT CHECKING AND MAINTAINING PROPER TIRE AIR PRESSURE.. HOPE THIS HELPS SOME OF YOU OUT THERE

Rich from Independence, Mo. USA

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Buy something else

June 09, 2007
Had a set on my Road King and they lasted about 7k before they had to be replaced. Hummed like a band that doesn't know the words. I know why Harley puts them on their bikes...repeat business!
I went with a set of Bridgestone F11 Spitfires this time. Will update with mileage in the future. See my review from a recent trip.

Tony B. from Detroit, MI

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Harmonic Vibration

May 31, 2007
I just put D404s on my Harley FXST, while the load range is a bit less than the D402s Harley comes with, the price of the D404s is much less so I thought I would try them. Immediatly I noticed a harmonic vibration from the front tire at highway speed, yes both tires are balanced, I assume this is because of the aggressive tread pattern. The tires handle very well on wet pavement but the vibration is annoying. Dunlop is no help, their customer service stinks! Spend the money and purchase Metzeler ME 880s.

Steve from Wausau, WI.

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In one word these tires suck!

May 17, 2007
I rode on these tires as OEM from Honda on a 1800/s. They handled poorly from day one. Now at only 7,400 miles I am having to shell out big money for a set of Metzeler 880's. My wife has the Harley version of the 404's on her bike and they are showing wear at only 1,400 miles. My advice is to spend the money and get anything other than these.

Gunner from Seattle, WA

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Short Life Expectancy

April 26, 2007
Very disappointed with the D404. I bought the 2003 Honda Shadow VLX600 from a friend when it had ~4k miles on it. It needed a new rear (had a D404 on it). Replaced it with a D404. At 9000 miles, it is worn out.
Will find a different manufacturers tire now; can't be buying new tires every 5 thousand miles @ $100 a pop

Vince from Irmo, SC US of A

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Not happy

April 26, 2007
I bought a new set to go on my vulcan 1500 and they handle very well ride ok but they didnt last but about 5000 miles. Not worth butting them on.

jeff miler from searcy ar

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You can spend less money and get more tire

April 02, 2007
I have gone through 2 and a half sets of these tires, and while they give good performance, its not great. some people claim they get low mileage from them, I think I get close to 8-9k miles out of a set. not bad tires, but bridgestone makes better tires slightly less expensive and with more technology built in.

mike from little rock, ar

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