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Safe Buy

April 01, 2007
I had virtually the same wear performance as Jeff S. from Homer, IL from D404's on my Honda Goldwing as well as my Susuki Marauder, that is 5500 to 6500 miles. I probably pushed them too far to get 6500. They have solid riding performance and I haven't seen any mileage claims so, I can't really hold them to any number of miles. Therefore, I rated them higher than Jeff. But, like Jeff, I'm looking for more wear, so I'm going to try the ME 880's too.

Wayne W. from Huntsville, TX

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Dunlop 404

September 19, 2006
This was the second set of tires on my 2002 Suzuki Volusia. Stock tires were IRC and lasted around 11,000. The 404's were installed in November of 2005. Could tell they had a low durometer, were very "sticky". They tossed up allot of road grit, but cornered very well. Didn't last long, about 5500 miles. I would not buy these again due to the short lifespan. Next set of tires are on order, Metzeler 880's.

Jeff S. from Homer, IL

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Dunlop 404

July 17, 2005
I just bought a '82 Virago for a great price, like 400 dollars from my boss, and it just needed minor cleaning to the carb and some new tires.

I don't know anything about tires really, but as it turns out, the D404 tires are the ones that go to the Virago.

When I got the bike they had tires made by "Continental Conti Blitz" They were past due to be replaced, dry rotted and bald. I decided to go with the Dunlop 404's. Right away I could see a huge change in performance. I happened to get caught in the rain one time, and was pleasently suprised how well they did on the wet pavement.

I like the deep threads on these tires and the bike just looks great. Thinking about buying another set for my other bike.

Vlad from Waterbury, CT

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